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1.6 cdti engine reliability - Loddy Jeff - 20:th-Feb-2020

Hi all, has anyone out there got a J or K with this B16DTH (LVL) engine in, that has had trouble free motoring for many thousands of miles? Just trying to find out how reliable this engine is.

My 2015 Astra1.6 cdti at 65k now occasionally rattles on initial start-up, only for approx. 1-2 seconds, it sounds just like timing chain rattle, possibly tensioner problem!
I've read somewhere on the forum that Vauxhall say "it is a characteristic of that engine", but is this the start of something more serious?? There have been cases of the timing chain guides breaking up.

I'm trying to avoid my situation manifesting into something more serious. The engine has always had Vauxhall Dexos 2 oil and genuine Vaux. filters. Should I look at using a different oil now the car is out of warranty? Or perhaps some form of oil viscosity enhancer to keep the tensioner full of oil between start-ups?

Perhaps the guide breakups have been on cars that have not had regular oil changes, or poor oil quality?

Any help, experiences or comments would be appreciated, thanks in anticipation.

RE: 1.6 cdti engine reliability - Rusty2009 - 20:th-Feb-2020

I've not seen much about the 1.6cdti engine.

Most people love it.

As for oil etc it's up to what you use, I don't think you really need to an enhancer to it.

RE: 1.6 cdti engine reliability - Jerry - 20:th-Feb-2020

I agree, it's great engine.
I owned it for three years and a half, I sold it at 100k. Despite occasional rattling sound usually in very cold mornings I have no issues with the engine. I have to mentioned that the car was in the garage overnight. Always used genuine Opel filters and oil. The 1.6 cdti I would recommend without any doubt.

RE: 1.6 cdti engine reliability - Loddy Jeff - 24:th-Feb-2020

Thanks guys. Anybody else got any experiences with this engine? Cheers, Jeff.

RE: 1.6 cdti engine reliability - Raskoni - 24:th-Feb-2020

Not had any weird things happen with this engine in the last 8 months I've owned it. It's got 120k on it atm.

RE: 1.6 cdti engine reliability - _Mita - 27:th-Feb-2020

The rattling noise on startup is something that can hardly be fixed. People have reported having it on a brand new engine, so if that's your only problem I wouldn't focus on it too much.
Mine had a very unpleasant sound on low RPM occasionally and just recently I replaced the tensioner of the timing chain and it's much better. But the startup noise is still there from time to time.