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Newbie - michleb - 23:rd-Mar-2019

Hi everyone. Just bought a GTC SRI 2.0 auto for my wife, test drove it for two days and I am well impressed with the car. I am starting to get jealous and afraid she won't let me drive it too often Wink

It has 87000 miles on the clock and I created a list of jobs to start from.

I was wondering if you guys would be so kind to share your recommendations in terms of garages and makes I should use for parts/oil/tyres.

1) Timing belt with water pump I suppose. Would you replace thermostat as well?

2) Front break pads

3) Oil and air/fuel filters replacement

4) two tyres 235/50/18

5) Auto transmission fluid or is it too early?

6) LED bulbs

7) Do you know if 17" wheels would fit? Friend has one four months old 225/55/17 winter tyres for sale I am considering buying for next season.

You advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Michael[Image: 9a03d8c6b2574e86eb9c9256d35d89d9.jpg][Image: fc9419a513e1568ddd6f1a99c4ef98ff.jpg]

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RE: Newbie - Rusty2009 - 24:th-Mar-2019

Welcome to VXOC.

Nice clean car there. the 2.0cdti is best in the range IMHO.

Timing belt and water pump I'd advise using genuine parts, likewise for oil and filters part numbers and change intervals can be found is the service parts thread.
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Disc's & pads is up to you I have EBC dimpled & grooved with yellow stuff pads.

Gear box oil is meant to be lifetime but best to change it every now and then, I would say it could do with a change now at 87,000.

LED bulbs you can get on ebay licence plate ones and interior ones just have to be mindful of what your buying as there is some cheap rubbish out there.

Wheels make sure they are 5x115.

RE: Newbie - vocky - 24:th-Mar-2019

that looks very tidy Smile

Newbie - michleb - 24:th-Mar-2019

This is what you call warm welcome. It is good to hear about the engine.

Thank you so much for your advice Rusty, much appreciated.

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RE: Newbie - niteram - 24:th-Mar-2019

I have a 1.6 Automatic tourer, although it's only done done 50,000 miles I had my local Vauxhall dealer change the transmisson fluid.
they said it didn't need doing as its sealed for life!
but when I picked it up they said the mechanic was surprised how dirty the old fluid was, they then agreed it was worth doing.

Newbie - michleb - 24:th-Mar-2019

I fully agree. Transmission fluid needs to be replaced. I strongly believe that the gearbox will last longer with fresh one.

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