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Aux device not detected - doginabag - 14:th-Jun-2018

Good morning, new user here.

I have a 2012 GTC wich has an irritating problem with the 3.5mm aux input.  Searching the interwebs I have not found anyone with the same issue, yet alone a solution so thought I would sign up and ask the question.

Using the 3.5mm aux input there is often a delay in it detecting that anything has been connected, sometimes it works straight away, but rarely.  
More often, what happens is that once I connect a a device and start playing music through it I am greeted with silence, this normally lasts around 1-5 minutes.  Eventually a message will be displayed saying 'device not detected' and the system will then automatically switch the source over to the radio.  A couple more seconds pass, the device is recognised, the system switches itself back to aux input and it plays correctly.  On some occasions this period of not being able to detect a device has reached around an hour!

Once it is working, if I stop the car, no matter how briefly, 9 times out of 10 the same problem occurs.  Very rarely it reconnects straight away.

It has done this since new, but only recently have I been wanting to use my phone as the music source so had ignored it until now.  I have tired all sorts of combinations of unplugging and inserting the aux lead, turning the entertainment system off and on, but it has no effect.  I'm fairly confident that there s no issue with the aux socket, it seems more of a software fault within the entertainment system.

Has anyone experienced similar?

Aux device not detected - Rusty2009 - 14:th-Jun-2018

It could be aux socket it could be the aux lead you are using or the phone.

It could also be a software issue or a wiring issue.

What audio system do you have?

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