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Hello from Teesside! - cubez0 - 10:th-Jun-2018

Just saying hey from Teesside, got a '16 plate GTC SDI two weeks ago and loving it!

Didn't notice due to not knowing... that it has a aftermarket "DriveAuto" screen got a couple issues... 
If anyone knows anything about these drop me a message not sure what to do with it!

Took it on its first long distance run this weekend, London and back couldn't be happier!  

[Image: P3Sb_2knpu_QfatyBm9Xd4e9wnlgIxmX4fDUlkGe...11-h849-no]

RE: Hello from Teesside! - Rusty2009 - 11:th-Jun-2018

Welcome to VXOC, Nice looking motor.

Them Drive audio (Car Vision units are pile of crap)

RE: Hello from Teesside! - Jpbroad1970 - 11:th-Jun-2018

Hi and welcome

Hello from Teesside! - sparkyscfc74 - 11:th-Jun-2018

Welcome to the forum

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Hello from Teesside! - Mspencer - 11:th-Jun-2018


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RE: Hello from Teesside! - marktourino - 11:th-Jun-2018

I had a Drive Auto (Car Vision) when I bought my GTC utter waste of time, couldn't wait to get my Pioneer fitted, nice car you got there, enjoy

RE: Hello from Teesside! - cubez0 - 12:th-Jun-2018

Whats the best way to go?

Android retrofit?
It had a rear camera fitted to, i assume i will be able to connect that too?

Hello from Teesside! - Rusty2009 - 12:th-Jun-2018

Android (not my cuppa tea but other members like them)

Or double din.

Either of which will still make use of your rear camera.

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RE: Hello from Teesside! - JoburgRed - 5:th-Sep-2018

I am also from Teesside (but spent time in South Africa hence the name) and I too am happy with my newly acquired GTC!

RE: Hello from Teesside! - phil67 - 9:th-Sep-2018

Welcome along matey