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Change language of IPC - gazz292 - 10:th-Feb-2018

If i got an ipc that is almost exactly for my vehicle from poland... can the language the DIC / driver display is in be changed to english? i note my insignia ipc i'm using for now has no language settings, but i'm sure i read somewhere that there is a menu that can be activated that gives language selections.

obviously the speedo is in kph, but i'd swap my background card over to the mph version from my original ipc, 

I'd be (hopefully) getting Rusty to work his magic on the IPC to make it work in my car, so not sure if the language selector is a setting in the eeprom.

Basically i've found an ipc that matches my car on a polish auction site (means signing up to that site and getting a 'PayU' account...
But the part number of that IPC is 13346186, ABJ7.
my cars original IPC is 13346188, with a ABJ9 code.

RE: Change language of IPC - gazz292 - 10:th-Feb-2018

I'm a tit at times... just went for a drive, and thought.. the stereo has a language selection on it... so fliped it over to german... and sure enough, the DIC changes language as well as the BID, it has almost all euro languages present including polish.

So that's the language issue sorted... now to hope the bloke will send it to england,
i assume PayU is their paypal... but it might not accept GBP..

i usually use 'transferwise' to pay for things i buy from abroad... it's a direct bank transfer thing that has exchange rates much better than any bank offers, they'd charge me £1.12 to send 60 quids worth of polish zlotys.

RE: Change language of IPC - Rusty2009 - 11:th-Feb-2018

Yep you can also add the language menu to the IPC too.