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AFL Retrofit details - Rusty2009 - 31:st-Oct-2014

[Image: vx.o.c.jpeg]

AFL Retrofit details

This is another VX.O.C first retrofit.
I've spent many hours working on getting this retrofit working and I'm not going to give you all the information just so others can start charging people to do this for them.

Please take note this is not a How-to it's a guide for you to check your car to see if you can retrofit AFL

First off you need to check your fuse board in the engine compartment.

Please note these are pictures of a donor board.

[Image: 1.JPG]

Fuse's and relays
12 Adaptive forward lighting module
23 Headlamp washer system
24 Right low beam (Xenon)
25 Left low beam (Xenon)
33 Adaptive forward lighting
K05 KR2 HeadlampWasher Fluid Pump Relay
K06 KR49 Headlamp Low Beam Relay

You can check where all these are in the fuse's thread You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. 2nd post

If you have them it would be safe to say you have all pins underneath but it will pay to double check this.

So Disconnect the Negative terminal of the battery, then undo the 3 10mm bolts (they wont come out) you will feel a slight click when they are undone.

[Image: 2.JPG]

Next get a trim tool and if you look on each side of the board you will see 2 clips just use the tool and praise them outwards and lift one Conner of the board at a time (Not too far just enough so they are un-clipped)

[Image: 3.JPG]

Then carefully lift the board up may need a wiggle and then turn it over and just make sure the bottom of the board has all pins in (in this picture you can see some are missing).

[Image: 4.JPG]

Refit the board Make sure you do not over tighten the blots but make sure they are done up nice and tight If your car wont start afterwards you've not tightened them up enough.

Parts list with part number's
If there is a * by it it means there two parts which are chassis dependent

Item 5 Door Price Autovaux 5 Door Price Autovaux 3 Door Price
3 Door Price
Xenon headlamp RH
£520.99 LH
£520.99 RH RHD




Headlamp Assembly connector ZFW10-4 x2 88988927 £13.85 88988927 £13.85
Control Unit, Headlamp Ignition x2 13278005 £208.50 13278005 £208.50
Control Unit, Headlamp Ignition Ballast x2 20950268 £175.85 20950268 £175.85
Control Unit, Headlamp x2 13377769 £24.68 13377769 £24.68
Bulb 12V/35W, Headlamp, Xenon (D1S) x2 93169040 £113.40 93169040 £113.40 93169040 £113.40 93169040 £113.40
Bulb, 12V/55W, Headlamp, Cornering Light (H11) x2 9270371 £10.18 9270371 £10.18
Bulb, 12V/55W, Headlamp, Cornering Light (H7) x2 93190461 £5.93 93190461 £5.93
Bulb, Turn Signal, Silver (PY21W) x2 13303563 £11.23 13303563 £11.23
Socket, Bulb, Headlamp, Xenon (FOR D1S) x2 12767661 £4.15 12767661 £4.15 12767661? £4.15 12767661? £4.15
Sensor, Headlamp Leveling, Front Suspension 12845300 £66.34 12845300 £66.34
Plate, Exciter, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Front Suspension 13287929 £5.47 13287929 £5.47
Screw, Hex.HD., M6 X 20, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Front Suspension x2 11519376 £0.79 11519376 £0.79
Nut, M4.2, Plate, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Front Suspension 11516397 £0.83 11516397 £0.83
Screw, M4.2 X 20, Plate, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Front Suspension 11609457 £0.76 11609457 £0.76
Rivet Nut, M6, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Front Suspension 93299196 £0.97 93299196 £0.97
Sensor, Headlamp Leveling, Rear Suspension *13347457 £80.03 *13362768 £88.99 *13347457 £80.03 *13362768 £88.99
Screw, Hex, Exciter, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Rear Suspension *13353935 £5.03 *13338394 £4.96 *13353935 £5.03 *13338394 £4.96
Nut, M6, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Rear Suspension 11507067 £0.79 11507067 £0.79
Screw, Hex.HD., M6 X 20, Headlamp Leveling Sensor, Rear Suspension 11519376 £0.79 11519376 £0.79
Headlamp Leveling Sensor Connector ZFW3-37 x2 93181753 £16.52 93181753 £16.52
Control Unit, Headlamp 13366017 £171.64 13405836 £167.42
K28 Headlamp Leveling Control Module X1 ZF18-6 93187174 £41.65 93187174 £41.65
K28 Headlamp Levelling Control Module X2 F6-16 (PRODUCTION NO. 90491162) 13314092 £20.12
Pump, Reservoir, Headlamp Washer 13264299 £41.44 13264299 £41.44

Bumper for headlamp washers Part number varies depending on options
headlamp washers Parts varies depending on bumper
Washer bottle Part number varies depending on model
Headlamp washer Hose Part number varies depending on model

All the above prices are for brand new parts if you search around the internet you can find some great bargains like I did The Headlamp control module must be BRAND NEW.
You can also get good deals from dealers etc if you buy a bulk order of parts from them.
Some parts you have to buy in set quantity's (So I have some spare here)

You also need someone who can request the VCI code's via an MDI there is a set way to request the VCI code's for this retrofit as it's not recognized as a retrofit.

If people want this retrofit done I can do it.
It would take a Weekend to do so Friday to Monday as long as GM supply VCI code's on the Monday, the car would have to be left with me as it wont be derivable for safety reasons.

Pricing list
£200 if you supply all the parts including wire terminals & connectors.

Price includes labour & programming.

[Image: vx.o.c.jpeg]