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  Best Dashcam and easy to install
Posted by: caretaker - 25:th-Jul-2018, 23:07:52 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (5)

Hi Guys
I would like to buy the Dash cam, but i very rarely used the car on weekdays and sometimes at weekend. So if i dont use the car as often, would it drain my car battery ?

I can not always park outside my house, so this is the disadvantage.

My car has been hit and run 3 times already and paid repairs of over £6,000 within 3 years and had to claim through my insurance.

Would this camera be good for me, even though i dont ride the car too much, as i used my bike a lot than the car, as i am just worried about the car battery being drained.

I dont want to buy something, where it depends on the car battery and it will just drain the car battery due to car does not get moved for days or sometime weeks.

If i do drive the car it will be 2 miles journey to work and back ,so total 4 miles, this is if i have to pick the Mrs up from Shopping due load of bags.

My car would get used at weekend , if the Mrs want to go out somewhere like 30-40 miles trip.

I was thinking of the below or you guys have used something may be cheaper Dashcam and being cost effective. This can be hard wired or plug into cigarette lighter. Fixed wiring i may have to get it done by a professional or if it straight forward, then i may be able to do it myself.

Power Magic Pro
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Power Magic Battery Pack
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Power Magic Ultra Battery
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  navi 500 programming
Posted by: tzr608 - 22:nd-Jul-2018, 19:19:31 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (2)

hi all , just fitted a navi 500 .....i had a cd400 in so needed to change wiring and also fitted the bluetooth module...all working but needs programming as comes up with thieft protection activated....on the radio....does anyone in yorkshire program them ....need help please

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  Hello from Glasgow
Posted by: MrLocke - 22:nd-Jul-2018, 13:38:28 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (8)

Hi, all. 

As i say, from sunny Glasgow. 

Recently, been needing to become a two car family, so traded our '16 Pug 2008 (as much as folks take the piss, ive never had a bad pug) in for a couple of Astra's. My better half opted for a newer model '17 plate, which she loves.

Myself, I'm picking mine up tomorrow night. '12 plate Astra sports tourer 1.7 cdti (125). So, here i am , mooching around to see what the score is with these, whats doable, whats not, what i can achieve myself, what ill need an expert for, and what i can get out of it. Only the second car I've owned that not shared, since '93 (MK 4 escort :-) ) so i get to do pretty much what i want, so long as i can still fit 5 dogs in the back of it.

So, gonna spend some time trawling the forum, getting to know the car etc, and then there may be a period of time of bombarding you all with questions and queries, then a few weeks of ominous silence as i break things to fix things :-) and explain how im skint cos "The guys on 'tinterweb thingy said its worth it, honey!" lol

I'll add a picture of said vehicle once i collect it 

Till then, cheers, I'm off to browse  Bye

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  NAVI 900 > NAVI 950 (2013)
Posted by: Garpenlov - 21:st-Jul-2018, 23:20:06 - Forum: ICE - Replies (7)

Howdy folks,

I was wondering if it's possible to get a navi 950 retrofitted in a 2013 car. 
It originally has a NAVI 900 (with bluetooth).

Would it need wiring changes?
I'm aware of the VCI codes required. I do own a MDI clone myself which hopefully will be able to program this.

Thank you in advance

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  Dab fitting
Posted by: Astra_sri - 21:st-Jul-2018, 22:05:06 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (4)

Hi all so I have fitted the module and the bracket also fitted the aerial bit on the tailgate zr part.

Now I need to know what length wire and type of wire I need to for to the zr part.

And am I right in thinking there should be a double plug under the headlining for the fm and dab?

Many thanks

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  Idle problems
Posted by: Nick_the_arab - 21:st-Jul-2018, 13:28:43 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (12)

Had this problem for a while , it’s the 1.7 110 sports tourer .
Basically the revs move up and down at idle and vibrates , it’s like a weird heart beat but feels like it’s about to stall every time it drops
Anybody know why it does it , had full service couple month back but done it for ages
Many thanks

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Posted by: Camdragon94 - 20:th-Jul-2018, 10:40:14 - Forum: Members car's progress threads - Replies (5)

Hi All,

I have just bought a 2011 Astra SRI 2.0 CDTI.

However pleasing the car is to drive there are a few things I would like to change (if possible)

1. LED Headlight conversion (factory or Aftermarket best??)

2. 19" Wheels (Good or Bad???) it currently has 17" but need refurbing

3. I would love to get a better exhaust as the standard doesn't really have any noise, I only want a little burble nothing massively loud but can only find VXR or GTC Units available?

any help would be greatly appreciated as im new to all this, only just got into fixing things for myself without a garage doing it.

also see below pics of where it is now and hopefully with your help will be much better soon.


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  No supported audio formats found
Posted by: ryankinnin123 - 19:th-Jul-2018, 21:02:14 - Forum: Electrical - Replies (2)

[Vauxhall Astra J GTC SRI Turbo 1.6 - Year 2012]

I'm using a USB 2.0 cable with an iPhone 7 and all of a sudden a few months ago, I was no longer able to plug my phone in to the USB slot to play music. I am now receiving the message 'No supported audio formats found'.

I've tried with other cables and also had a local garage take a look who confirmed that there is power, and it did in fact work with some of their devices. The person at the garage said it is most likely because the car is 6 years old and inst up to date with iPhones/iphone updates. He suggested finding an after market system which is more up to date and will play USB but I dont know much about cars and am also not very technical, so I was looking for any advice anyone can give on fixing this issue or point me in the right direction of an after market system.

I've been unable to find a decent bluetooth device with good sound quality and connection and I'm hoping to fix the above issue.

Thanks in advance

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  Hello from Sunny Skipton
Posted by: 75chrisc - 19:th-Jul-2018, 00:39:22 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (7)

Hi Everyone,

So I would like to say HI to everyone on the site. I am very recently a Astra driver. The wife and I are expecting twins from mid-September.

We have had to trade in her 5dr Corsa D to get a much bigger car that I keep calling "The Daddy Wagon", much to her disgruntlement as she keeps reminding me that my car is worth nothing (2002 Audi A3 1.8t). I try and remind her that if we weren't having twins she could have kept her car...but I get the blame for the Twins as well , ah well never mind.

I am a bit of a VW-group fan, having had few Golf's and Ibiza's, but really cut my teeth on (original) Minis. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty if I need to, but I must admit I prefer to polish the metal work these days!

So I join the club with a 64reg, 70k, 2.0 cdti, Carbon Flash Astra J Sport Tourer Elite, which I am disappointed does not come with DAB or phone. Guess which articles I will be reading .

I would like to thank all the contributions made by members as my car didn't come with an owner's manual, it is nice pressing a few buttons and seeing what they do. For example, on mine, and apologies if this is already know, when the rear demisters is on, the door mirrors are heated. It really does help getting to know the car.

I also think my modding days are over, but it is nice to see people just don't settle for what comes out of the factory. I particularly enjoy the How to's on swapping the instrument lights to LED.

I am going to sign off now and do some digging on TPMS as I think the wheels have changed position in the past and the car reports the wrong pressuresfor that given location.

See ya soon!

Chris[Image: d75398efc87a5aa069e8e75efb155a12.jpg]

Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk

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  Hello from Northern Ireland
Posted by: Doherty48 - 19:th-Jul-2018, 00:03:28 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (4)

Hi guys, just recently picked up a 2013 SRI Astra J and am really pleased with how well the 1.6i petrol performs. It's a big upgrade from what I am used to and glad I could finally get an astra after looking for one for a very long time[Image: 0cbcb5bbf6fb8827d5ddf25e5f1a6dbe.jpg]

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