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  Speedometer change
Posted by: Jonika21 - 16:th-May-2018, 15:48:01 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (7)

Hello guys. Since I've hit a serious pothole, my dash when I turn on the car and the needles sweep they do weird noises. I will post a video today.

Can I change the dash from any other 1.7cdti with the same CB?
Or do I need a dash from a 1.7 cdti 130bhp 2012 like mine? The year matters and the motor? Or should be exactly like mine?
Thank you

Enviado do meu SM-G950F através do Tapatalk

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  Greetings from Lleida (Spain)
Posted by: Luidgi123 - 16:th-May-2018, 09:44:07 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (5)

I drive an Astra J CDTI 1.7 2011.
I am actually interested on CD400 updating.

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  Clicking noise
Posted by: THOMAS123 - 15:th-May-2018, 21:08:34 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (1)

ive got a clicking noise when i hit the throttle pedal and the turbo kicks in.the clicking noise is for a second or two.
some times i hear it some times happens when i accelerate hard and it seems to be coming from the engine bay or underneath that fine otherwise.
anybody got any ideas what it could be.

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  Car running rough
Posted by: Jake - 14:th-May-2018, 12:34:35 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (5)

Hi there, ive got a problem with my 1.4T that I cant get my head around!

Starts fine, but when i pull off and start driving it:
- sounds like its running on 3 cylinders
- idles rough when i pull up
- hardly any power when accelerating

Ive replaced the coil pack and the spark plugs but still no joy. Cant find any obvious vaccum leak either! Its driving me nuts anybody have an idea?

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  Cant see photos
Posted by: pat100 - 13:th-May-2018, 20:11:07 - Forum: Site feedback - Replies (2)

I was trying to view Rusty’s How To on fitting mud flaps but the photos are replaced by a photo bucket error message. Is it me or you?

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  Noobie here :-)
Posted by: DaveinCamborne - 11:th-May-2018, 23:21:43 - Forum: South West - Replies (5)

Evenign all New GTC owner here down in Camborne, it doesnt look like there are many of us down this far lol

well just got the car 2 days a go and luving it so far.

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  Greetings from Camborne, Cornwall
Posted by: DaveinCamborne - 11:th-May-2018, 23:09:51 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (9)

Evening all, New GTC owner here down in Cornwall.

Just had my car 2 days and loving it so far.
Been looking for age to find a  decent spec one at a sensible price [Image: 1f642.png]:-) Over the moon with it so far and lots of toys on board
Adaptive Forward lights (turns with steering)
Auto Dim/Dip
Auto lights / wipers
Auto Dip rear view mirror
Full Heated Leather
Cruise Control
VX line Bodykit
19" alloy wheels
DAB Radio
LED Rear Lights
LED Daytime running lights
Folding Mirrors
Adaptive Suspension (Normal sport and Tour, changes ride )
Traffic Sign recognition
Collision Sensor
Parking Sensors Front and Rear

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  Astra GTC
Posted by: ali2487 - 11:th-May-2018, 20:53:34 - Forum: Members car's progress threads - Replies (1)

I've actually had this a while now, almost a year. 2.0 CDTI, remapped to 205bhp

Here's a week after initial purchase.

[Image: ghKkJZr.jpg]

[Image: w1Htnmo.jpg]

[Image: tEAlZOk.jpg]

[Image: OEUue5b.jpg]

Opel badges all round instead 
Retrofitted the LED tail lights
Smoked inidicators

[Image: 5jsxGnE.jpg]

Next on the list:
Dewipe rear
Lower by 30mm (unsure if I should)
LED front lights
VXR Side Skirts

Any suggestions?

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  GTC vxr
Posted by: vocky - 11:th-May-2018, 08:55:47 - Forum: Members car's progress threads - Replies (9)

I bought my vxr brand new in 2015, half leather, CD400 but it did come with the Aero pack

[Image: yYKcwDJ.jpg]

it stayed like that for a few months, I just added mudflaps, my private plate and removed the vxr badge - this stopped tailgaters instantly Looney 

[Image: 2RRO0Ed.jpg]

Then I found a 2016 vxr being broken for spares at a local breakers, so it would be rude not to buy the full leather interior, Navi 950 set up, reversing sensors, a spare wheel and a few other bits and pieces Hyper

[Image: aERbGmx.jpg]

Reversing sensors fitted

[Image: yaptpC0.jpg]

Full leather interior fitted

[Image: F9sCKNa.jpg]

The Navi 950 took a while to install, I had to drop the headlining to fit the Sat Nav aerial and cables, remove the entire dashboard to replace the dash loom and then get Rusty to work his magic with some VCI coding

colour matched the aerial, I didn't like the OEM black
[Image: iifzKK8.jpg]

replaced the headlining loom

[Image: 7LwzbfE.jpg]

swapped the dash loom

[Image: lG6WN0R.jpg]

[Image: fNCIq6E.jpg]

[Image: aa9L3L8.jpg]

Navi 950 installed

[Image: tK9rTDS.jpg]

I forgot to mention the 2016 vxr had Intellilink, so that was a bonus and it's fully functional in mine too

[Image: A7ti1zn.jpg]

After Rusty did his magic

[Image: BDdHd5x.jpg]

I also prefer the Opel badges to the Vauxhall badges, so they got swapped along with an Opel Airbag. I also fitted an offside Euro tailgate light unit, so they both match. This required a red led bulb for the foglight and a little rewiring of the small loom.

Next job was the rear view camera and power fold mirrors

[Image: G7PRgeU.jpg]

[Image: Cv3Hs7U.jpg]

I also made some bonnet strut brackets and added some gas struts

[Image: zqWJ3rZ.jpg]

another photo during the dash wiring loom swap

[Image: w4caMYa.jpg]

My other car, which I have owned for over 11 years

2003 vx220 - 2.5 litre ITB with 270 bhp, 6 speed

[Image: ute6TSW.jpg]

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  1.6 Petrol loud ticking on cold
Posted by: UKGTC - 11:th-May-2018, 08:46:26 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (2)

Hi all,

Bought a new (for me) 2014 GTC in Feb and love it!

However, I've noticed that on cold the engine ticks for around 15-30 seconds on cold, then dies down but can still be faintly heard. When cold it's so loud I can hear it from inside the cabin with all the windows shut.

I've got a 2-year warranty so have taken it back and Vauxhall told me that it's normal for the model? I've spoken to an independent mechanic and he's convinced it's tappits even though I've been told they're hydraulic on these cars... 
Though Vauxhall tell me I shouldn't be, I'm obviously worried about it. It's only done 12k!

Please could anyone comment with their thoughts? Is it normal? Should I get a second opinion? 


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