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  Changed Brake Pads, now feels like fronts are sticking
Posted by: Vx-Mad-G - 19:th-Jun-2018, 12:46:40 - Forum: Mechanical - Replies (3)

Hey folks,

I changed all the pads on my Astra J at the weekend and now it feels like the front are sticking a little bit, in fact the wheel was quite hot this morning after driving.

Any ideas what could have caused this? I have bled the they need bleeding again?


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  UK Breakdown Cover DISCOUNT CODE...
Posted by: ChrisKnottIns - 18:th-Jun-2018, 14:02:04 - Forum: Chris Knott Insurance - No Replies


Did you know we're running a discount offer on our UK Breakdown Cover at the moment...?

Simply use promo code SUMMER18 at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view., or on the phone (0800 917 2274), to receive an extra £5 OFF the already low prices.

There are also built-in discounts for multi-car cover.

Comprehensive Chris Knott Breakdown Cover includes:

•  HomeStart
•  Roadside Assistance
•  Recovery
•  Onward Travel
•  Overnight Stay
•  24hr Hire Car
•  Relief Driver
•  Message Relay

PLUS cover for the following scenarios included FREE: running out of fuel, flat batteries, lost/broken keys and accidental tyre damage.
Good news also is that there are NO 'age of vehicle' limits.

We look forward to helping you arrange protection so you're not left stranded in the event of a breakdown. Hurry though - this offer ends on 31/8!


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  Help, doors wont open!
Posted by: ixlix - 18:th-Jun-2018, 00:56:29 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (2)

Hi everyone, i have a 2013 J OPC with doors that will no longer open from inside or out. Im limited to getting in and out via the boot.

I took the door trims off to put in new speakers and sound deadening on the metal skins. With everything back together now the doors wont open from inside or out. The central locking seems to make the normal sounds, the interior handles pop up the door pins so the cable is still connected (even without the cable connected i could open the door from the outside with the door trims off). 

Is there a fuse i could of blown that has caused the deadlocks to stay on? Could the layer of sound deadening be stopping the locks from releasing somehow? 

Im stumped and not sure what to do next. 


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Wink P0030-00 HO2S heater control circuit sensor 1
Posted by: Badenj - 16:th-Jun-2018, 13:24:23 - Forum: Mechanical - Replies (1)

Hi everyone 

Been getting the SVS service message coming up with P0030-00 HO2S heater control circuit sensor 1

I’ve just replaced the lambda sensor for an identical part, cleaned the egr, throttle body and map sensor yet the fault won’t go away. 

Any ideas of what this could be? Don’t really want to go to a garage and get raped of it could be this it could be that. 

Many thanks.

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Lightbulb Remap?
Posted by: LINNY34 - 15:th-Jun-2018, 11:24:39 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (11)

Hi Guys/Girls,

Just got my first Astra GTC a couple months ago, thinking about a remap to give it abit extra go go.

Its a 2016 1.4 GTC sri with 138bhp currently, most quotes ive received for remapping estimate and increase to 170bhp.

I'm a complete newbie to car mods and just wondering if this is worth the cost and would i notice a lot of difference?

Thanks for the help. (sorry if its a stupid question)

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  Intermittant hatch unlocking fault
Posted by: Big Dave2 - 15:th-Jun-2018, 11:05:47 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Common Problems - Replies (4)

Arrived back home on Sunday with a boot full of shopping, to find I couldn't open the hatch.

Tried unlocking/locking the car a few times to see if it would unlock. Drove round the block to see if jarring the car through a few pot holes would rattle it back into life.

Still locked. I couldn't access the manual release as the boot was full right up.

I eventually managed to get it open, but not sure how. Whether it was a combination of unlocking / locking, or pressing down on the hatch, but it eventually unlocked. After removing all the shopping, I tried to replicate the fault but the hatch locked and unlocked each and every time I tried it.

I also noticed in the darkness of the garage that if I tried pulling on the boot release switch while it was locked, the stereo lit up, which confirmed the switch was working. Seen mention of this before on here or somewhere else.

Anyway, it's been fine all week, well up until last night when it decided to play up again. This morning it's fine again.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong with it? I know with intermittent faults such as this, it's going to be a nightmare to find out what's wrong.

Was wondering if anyone has had something similar with their Astra?

Could the lock solenoid be on its way out?

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Thumbs Up Astra gtc windscreen wipers
Posted by: Anitamay77 - 14:th-Jun-2018, 14:36:15 - Forum: Electrical - Replies (1)

My widescreen wipers have a mind of there own flashing on dash saying auto sence on auto sence off and just won't stop unless I pull fuse out it's even got my auto electrician baffled

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  GTC White Limited Edition Bumper/ Grill?
Posted by: Conor97 - 14:th-Jun-2018, 13:27:25 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (5)

I’m looking for a (White) Front Bumper/ Grill for my GTC? Like the Limited Edition one in this picture here:

[Image: a2da97947bc002af9d6b50ea9365a634.png]

Does anyone have a part number by chance? Or is it all separate parts?


Sent from my iPhone X using Taptalk.

- Vauxhall GTC 64 Plate SRI 2.0 CDTI.

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Music Aux device not detected
Posted by: doginabag - 14:th-Jun-2018, 08:58:25 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (1)

Good morning, new user here.

I have a 2012 GTC wich has an irritating problem with the 3.5mm aux input.  Searching the interwebs I have not found anyone with the same issue, yet alone a solution so thought I would sign up and ask the question.

Using the 3.5mm aux input there is often a delay in it detecting that anything has been connected, sometimes it works straight away, but rarely.  
More often, what happens is that once I connect a a device and start playing music through it I am greeted with silence, this normally lasts around 1-5 minutes.  Eventually a message will be displayed saying 'device not detected' and the system will then automatically switch the source over to the radio.  A couple more seconds pass, the device is recognised, the system switches itself back to aux input and it plays correctly.  On some occasions this period of not being able to detect a device has reached around an hour!

Once it is working, if I stop the car, no matter how briefly, 9 times out of 10 the same problem occurs.  Very rarely it reconnects straight away.

It has done this since new, but only recently have I been wanting to use my phone as the music source so had ignored it until now.  I have tired all sorts of combinations of unplugging and inserting the aux lead, turning the entertainment system off and on, but it has no effect.  I'm fairly confident that there s no issue with the aux socket, it seems more of a software fault within the entertainment system.

Has anyone experienced similar?

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  Reversing camera help
Posted by: Astrajosh - 12:th-Jun-2018, 19:35:22 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (6)

So I'm adding In a cheap Chinese reversing camera.
I'm using a relay to bring on the camera I'm sorted with how I'm going to wire it, just one thing stumped me.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

I expected the green/white cable to still be in colour when it passed through to the boot lid.

I haven't had the roof lining off yet just wondered if anyone knew if there was a connection on the car side in the roof lining with the correct colour? And if there is where is it roughly? Or even is there a better place to find the green/white cable?

I know there's one right at the front to do the diming mirror as I've fitted that already.

P.s mine is a facelift model so no rear fuse unit.

Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk

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