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  High pitched noise (Astra OPC J)
Posted by: maximame - 24:th-Mar-2021, 08:34:13 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Common Problems - No Replies

Hi All,

I am the owner of an Astra OPC J V16, 2013. The car has 50K miles. A week ago, Ive noticed a high pitched noise coming from the posterior. The noise is not loud but it's pretty noticable and never stops. It's killing my brain, especially now that I've noticed it, I can't just stop hearing it, even when I am not inside the car  Looney
Noise ONLY stops when breaking, so I think it might be the pads. Somebody else suggested it might be the an electric issue with the petrol pump.

I've uploaed a video of the noise here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

My car is under warranty with dealer, I am going to schedule an appointment. and see what he says. In the meantime I would like to get your take on the issue. Eventually, I would like to know if it's a normal noise on this car (I took the car 3 weeks ago), I am not really sure the noise came up more recently, or it was there since the beginning. 

Thanks guys!

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  Fuel pump needs priming?
Posted by: Amazingusername - 21:st-Mar-2021, 01:14:26 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)

I recently had my fuel tank replaced due to a hole in the pipe s, since it’s been replaced I need to prime my fuel pump every time I start the car or it will just turn over for what seems like ages!

Is there any way of fixing this??

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  Cd400 to 950navi
Posted by: stewartcampbell8 - 17:th-Mar-2021, 17:27:45 - Forum: Retrofit How-to's - No Replies

I’m looking for someone who has a wire diagram for cd400 and 950navi.

To find out what I have to wire in and where I can get all the wires and connectors to fit the navi950.

The navi950 came out a 64 plate and is going into a 62 plate.

My current system has Bluetooth for in car hands free. Also has dab but wondering if I need to change anything or upgrade it I don’t think I got all the bits when I have bought the 950 system. I have put pics up of what I have can some one send me in the right direction to get the rest and setup.

I am smart enough to fit this my self if I have all the right stuff I am not driving the length of the country to get this done.[Image: 13512ce8597eb78fcf44e509695c5baf.jpg]
[Image: 8bd3f4bd4237acbb4093e7d086ea2b30.jpg]
[Image: d85bdd43f8ac2e1a753abdb0233e79ef.jpg]
[Image: 90292ab555ffb201568145fae8903625.jpg]
[Image: 083c625de670a5652116b103c8b3ddd4.jpg]

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  DRL - sidelamp issue
Posted by: stajerad - 14:th-Mar-2021, 18:09:33 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - No Replies

I have a code 22 on my screen, which is pretty annoying. The right side lamp is working fine (both of them, left too). 
I have already done:
- removed the bulb from the left side: (code 21 come out, which is expected)
- swap the two bulbs left and right side, both working, got error 22 back.
- bought new bulbs, still error 22

What I noticed, sometimes, I don't have error code 22, before I put the bulb with the holder into the lamp, and comes back a little later.
Also noticed the holder is a bit worn out. I tried to make sure the pins connected to the bulb well.

Has somebody come with an issue like this before?
Can somebody suggest a place (online) or in London where I can buy a replacement bulb holder? (the ones I found online looks different)

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  Geadbox oil change
Posted by: rodduz - 14:th-Mar-2021, 11:27:16 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Howto's - Replies (3)

How much oil do I put in the gearbox after draining old stuff out?

Astra J 2013 1.7


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  Timing belt for 1.7 2013
Posted by: rodduz - 14:th-Mar-2021, 11:22:59 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)


Is this kit the correct one for the J 1.7?

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Wink Hey All
Posted by: GTC-Nut - 13:th-Mar-2021, 18:48:37 - Forum: Introduction Area - No Replies

Hey guys , new 1.6T GTC owner 

Some great info on this forum !

Hopefully will get to some meets later this year 

Will post up some pics next time car washed  Smile

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  Side turning/indicator wiring diagram to help install sequential LED DRL strip.
Posted by: Leady78 - 11:th-Mar-2021, 17:53:55 - Forum: Electrical - No Replies

Hello all,

I am planning to fit/install front sequential LED light strip which has the function of DRL & indicator signals. I need help or advise on how best to do this. Is it best to try and tap into the side panel indicator or the lower front indicator that is next to the fog light? 

Any help would be appreciated, I have experience in wiring other lights on the car but this is the first time I have looked at fitting a sequential LED light strip that needs to use the indicators as a additional function.

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  Car Insurance due soon? Try sponsor Chris Knott
Posted by: ChrisKnottIns - 8:th-Mar-2021, 14:56:17 - Forum: Chris Knott Insurance - Replies (1)

CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Include the Chris Knott team when getting your quotes. Our quote technicians are all qualified insurance professionals in their own right, not scripted call centre workers, and they're not on commission. CK's incentive is to find you the best car insurance deal. Give us a try and you'll be entered in our March draw to WIN an Alien Magic Mystery Car Cleaning Kit (worth £170).

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QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call.
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  Cascada electric seats
Posted by: MarkAP68 - 1:st-Mar-2021, 13:00:48 - Forum: Medium cars Astra, Cascada, Vectra, Monaro & Insignia - No Replies

Hi All,

I have a 2013 Cascada and would like to fit the fully electric seats with coolers, does anyone know if this would be a straight fit or would I need extra wiring, modules and programming?

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