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  How-to Led Number Plate Lamps
Posted by: tucpal - 25:th-Apr-2014, 22:58:28 - Forum: Lighting How-to's - Replies (87)

[Image: 9nd4_zpsea5fce57.jpg]

Here is a How-to Led Number Plate Lamps
for the Astra J 5 Door Error Free.

They can be Found on ebay.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Here are the SMD LED Light Units and Load Resisters you will Receive
The LED Light Units have 18 SMD LED,S in Each Light Unit.

[Image: 1d52cfeb-8018-4326-a9a9-55eda2236808_zpsa7e27da7.jpg]

They are a very Good and a Well Made Light Unit
that are Plug and Play
the fit is Perfect and they are Error Free.

[Image: 1d6bfafd-4b1a-4947-8db9-5418e1fa1e11_zpse35fd9b7.jpg]

Start by fitting the Load Resisters
Plug them into the Light units.

[Image: e3be4f78-ea66-4142-8a81-a71d071ec177_zps3e920524.jpg]

STEP ONE.........

Remove the old Light Units from the car
by Pushing back the Clip
and Pricing the old Light Units out.

[Image: ca41e368-b4e5-458e-9b00-e7abc8ea393e_zps847ef42d.jpg]

[Image: 3df1315d-604f-4800-817b-3a2fedb8030e_zps8102818c.jpg]

Undo the Connectors from the old Light Units.

[Image: 83764715-1121-4921-bdfb-9a1680a44621_zps80101973.jpg]

STEP TWO...........

Now you have the old Light Units out
Remove the Bulb by Twisting them out and Remove the Bulbs
and Connect the new SMD LED Light Units to them.

[Image: 0c8b2304-5b4a-43a0-b0e0-fdd3af7e8c76_zps2debe318.jpg]

[Image: 43bc139c-361c-4aa1-a407-172409973828_zps51130a37.jpg]

[Image: e26f884b-d43e-4acf-89cb-8b5859733a44_zpsf76471e5.jpg]

STEP THREE.........

Connect the new Connector on the new Light Units
back on to the Connectors on the car
and Test that the Light Units work
if not Turn the Connector around then it will Work
but it should be Red on the new Light unit to Yellow Green on the Connector
and Black to Black.

[Image: d7554f3c-0a0f-41a3-afcd-20eb9bd7134c_zps319267e7.jpg]

[Image: 7c615fca-5056-4f7a-8872-d1b8e743a3fe_zps2d73f1cb.jpg]

STEP FOUR.......

There is no Real Need to Glue the Load Resisters to the Light unit
as they do get Very Hot and may Melt if you do this
Do not glue them to the Bumper they will and can Cures Damage
Again They get Very Hot.

So the best way is to Zip Tie them up like the in the Picture
then Simply Push them in too the Hole for the Light Units
and Refit the Light Units back in place
then get Under the Bumper and Pull the Load Resisters Down
then they will Just Hang from the back of the Bumper in the Air
They will not move about Much
and they will not be Touching Anything.

[Image: e4fc2541-7d8b-4d58-8ddd-c629548507b8_zpsb9be366f.jpg]

[Image: 58071422-5e8d-4713-a884-00c8e15582b6_zpsf6b05a41.jpg]

[Image: 132a3a36-e0ee-441d-b27b-00ac33ec6be4_zpsf3fbf259.jpg]


The results are Amazing
And they are so much Better than the Standard Light Units
they are Super Bright
and there will be no Canbus Errors.

[Image: smd5004_zps090e4a38.jpg]

[Image: smd5002_zps07231754.jpg]

[Image: smd5003_zps59e02929.jpg]

[Image: smd5002_zps07231754.jpg]

Absolute first class Product
and i Highly Recommend them
SMD LED Light Units i love them.

you do this at your own risk if you follow the how to correctly
there should be no problems thank you.

[Image: 9nd4_zpsea5fce57.jpg]

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Posted by: toffc - 25:th-Apr-2014, 17:27:28 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (7)

Help.....I recently bought an Astra 62 reg (cat D) looked perfect but noticed it had the early front bumper. Mine is a facelift so got a facelift bumper and tried to fit. All seems ok execpt the sides do not clip in at the wings. I went to the dealer and found the support brackets fitted on the car are fo the early type bumper. The dealership say the wings are the same but are unable to give me part numbers for the later supports. Can anybody help? part numbers or photos anything pls

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  Bike carrier
Posted by: Rusty2009 - 25:th-Apr-2014, 14:13:05 - Forum: General Chat - Replies (5)

Bike carrier,

Kids want me to take them to the forest with their bikes when I take the dog.

So was thinking of getting You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

What do you chaps think?

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  Help chaps.
Posted by: Rusty2009 - 25:th-Apr-2014, 14:08:18 - Forum: Detailing - Replies (32)

So chaps what will get rid of this?

[Image: DSC_0155_zpsd93b5966.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0154_zpsd53308a9.jpg]

Last year was the first time I ever compounded polished and waxed a car (hell it's my first and only NEW car).

I didn't think about putting masking tape over the trim (this year I've got frog tape).

I am using the trim restorer which it only hides it until I wash it again I want it gone for good.

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  White smoke
Posted by: grahamfromoldham - 23:rd-Apr-2014, 12:43:31 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Common Problems - Replies (4)

I've had my 1.7cdti over 3 years now and never encountered this problem up to this morning, but white smoke was being omitted from my exhaust (not at high revs) which the most awful burning smell similar to the DPF burning-off smell. I stopped the car with the engine running and it carried on smoking for a minute before I decided to continue my journey to Bradford and back to which it didn't happen again. Prior to the exhaust smoking, the engine had been running for around 20-25 minutes. Any suggestions and also has anyone else had this?

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  16" Astra J space saver
Posted by: J1ODYA - 22:nd-Apr-2014, 22:00:45 - Forum: Parts for sale - Replies (15)

Got my unused wheel for sale, 5x115 for £75 collected.

Courier extra if needed.

On ebay You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

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  Separation feedback
Posted by: Cameron UK - 22:nd-Apr-2014, 21:46:53 - Forum: Site feedback - Replies (10)

I think the astra j/GTC should be separated to:
Astra j
Astra GTC/ VXR

Would make it a bit better structured?

(edited after taz's comments)

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Posted by: cornishtaz - 22:nd-Apr-2014, 17:07:47 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (3)

Who's the best member to ask to have a signature made up similar to the rest of the moderators


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  north meets south meet
Posted by: tucpal - 22:nd-Apr-2014, 12:38:29 - Forum: Club Event Archive - Replies (10)

How about a run what ya brung meet at the santapod drag strip
Saturday august the 9th 2014 Run What Ya Brung (RWYB) - Public Track Day

cheep day out £10 entry and £25 if you want a run down the strip.
and plenty of parking for a nice get together and some nice pictures etc

we could have a prize for the fastest J GTC and VXR
and if you do not wish to run down the strip then it will be fun to view
we even could have a prize for best show car in each category

it could be a good day out for the north meets south meet
so looking for anyone interested in coming along.

i will get a bit more info on bookings etc in the next few weeks and update as i get the info

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  Part number and price information requests
Posted by: cornishtaz - 22:nd-Apr-2014, 11:15:11 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (92)

I have access to the latest edition of EPC, which includes 5dr, 3dr and VXR. I've also got a trade club account so have access to the Trade Club online book for any prices of parts members are after.

If anyone is after a part number or prices please ask here and add as much info as possible

Part Req'd

Just remembered could you also add the first 2 digits of your chassis number eg

I will try and help as best I can but not every part is available via trade club or hasn't been added like the GTC and VXR specific parts. I have sent an enquiry to Trade Club as to when these will be added.

As I'm not an official trader I can't purchase items for members as this is against the forum rules.

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