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  2.0 CDTI Induction?
Posted by: mrobins64495 - 11:th-Mar-2014, 00:34:54 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (1)

What do you recon, is it possible to fit an induction kit or something to the 2.0CDTI, I don't really care about the performance thats why I'm getting a remap, but what I am trying to replicate is the noise my Old Mini Cooper D made. Basically a bit more noise from what I can assume was the turbo or induction kit from research, to make it sound a little nicer under acceleration.

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  astra j SRI roof mast ARIEL
Posted by: tucpal - 10:th-Mar-2014, 18:59:47 - Forum: Parts for sale - No Replies

comes with base plate full working order
good replacement if you have the longer Ariel and want a shorter one
the SRI one is 11 inch,s
you may not need the base plate but it is there if you do need it.
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looking for £12.00 posted,

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  astra j sharkfin [SOLD]
Posted by: tucpal - 10:th-Mar-2014, 18:32:42 - Forum: Parts for sale - Replies (5)

i have for sale an astra j shark fin Ariel
i have modified this to work for FM so it is one of a kind
so it will no longer work for satnav  
it will work for FM and the reception is OK
but not as good as a mast Ariel it will have a bit of static
in built up areas  
this would be best suited to a car with DAB
and has the roof mast Ariel then you can swap it for
the shark fin and you will not lose the FM
or this can be used as a dummy Ariel if you wish
if you use this solely for the FM you would have to put up with
the reception not being as good but it does work.  
[Image: sharkfin001_zps6f906a9e.jpg]

looking for £25 posted

ITEM NOW SOLD...................................

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  New astra, developments
Posted by: mrobins64495 - 10:th-Mar-2014, 13:50:27 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (6)

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Mmmm I'm always sceptical about these kinda articles...But Oh my, either way...

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  What do you think?!
Posted by: mrobins64495 - 10:th-Mar-2014, 01:06:41 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (7)

The title was a little broad I know, however I want to know what you guys think to your cars now you've owned them for a while?

I've done some reading for the gearbox as I was considering a map and to be honest was surprised to see how much Astra GTC bashing there was going on, on places like piston heads etc.

From what I can tell the generally thoughts are, it's too fat, depreciates too quickly / overly priced, slow compared to others and not as economical.

I'll be happy to start, I am pleasantly pleased with it, my only issues really are the lack or low down torque and the fact it does sound tractor and I guess the economy isn't as good as it could be. I rarely get above 45mpg. (2.0 cdti).

However it seems to have vastly improved today when the temp hit above 15, much smoother and quicker.

I would say apart from that, with 26k on the clock it's solid so far.

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  What do you think???
Posted by: Cameron UK - 9:th-Mar-2014, 15:05:24 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (11)

Im thinking of wrapping the b pillar gloss black to match my car, what do you think?

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  Anyone seen these?
Posted by: Cameron UK - 9:th-Mar-2014, 14:58:42 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (1)

I know lush-lighting-city is a member on here and sells error free bulbs but i want to know if anyone had tried these in their astra j?

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Also are these different to lush-lighting-city ones or the same?

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  Hi All - Lush Lighting City offically on VX.OC!
Posted by: Lush Lighting City - 9:th-Mar-2014, 00:42:16 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (4)

Good morning all we are officially on here, for all your lighting needs contact me or alternatively you can visit us at

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can I say a big thank you to all the mods for being so helpful and friendly thanks guys and everybody enjoy you stay you will learn loads


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  A big thank-you
Posted by: Rusty2009 - 8:th-Mar-2014, 22:54:49 - Forum: Site feedback - Replies (8)

A big thank-you to all members.

We've hit 3rd place from the top of google.

just search vxoc forum, you might have change as it will try and search for sxoc.

thank-you all for your support.

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  If you haven't already......... You must, NOW!
Posted by: Cameron UK - 8:th-Mar-2014, 21:11:11 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)

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These are fantastic, they fit the glove box, reading lights front and rear and the boot. Very bright white, don't flicker, perfect.

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