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  DPF Drill & ECU Remap - thoughts please.
Posted by: Vx-Mad-G - 13:th-Feb-2018, 14:26:50 - Forum: Mechanical - Replies (7)


I keep getting the message on the dash every few weeks on the Astra CDTI 20111 saying DPF full, continue driving.

My thoughts are to sell the car and get a petrol, but we like the car and waited ages to find the right one. So I have been speaking to a local garage who did a DPF removal and Remap on my mates BMW X5.

Basically, the guy at the garage said they wont remove it on the J, but they drill holes in the filter, and then re-map the ECU. All in £350.00.

Whats your thoughts guys?


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  Exhaust Diameters
Posted by: A10HUY - 13:th-Feb-2018, 10:41:00 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - No Replies

Hi all,

Planning on getting the gear in to build a custom exhaust with a little help from a welding shop local to me.

Does anybody know what the standard exhaust diameter inside/out for a 1.6 Petty is please?

Thanks in advance Looney

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Posted by: Ziza - 10:th-Feb-2018, 21:48:25 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (3)

Hello everyone. I'm Kristijan from Croatia and I've registered to this forum to see what the english lads are doing to they're Astras.


Poslano sa mog SM-G930F koristeći Tapatalk

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  Change language of IPC
Posted by: gazz292 - 10:th-Feb-2018, 14:37:58 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (2)

If i got an ipc that is almost exactly for my vehicle from poland... can the language the DIC / driver display is in be changed to english? i note my insignia ipc i'm using for now has no language settings, but i'm sure i read somewhere that there is a menu that can be activated that gives language selections.

obviously the speedo is in kph, but i'd swap my background card over to the mph version from my original ipc, 

I'd be (hopefully) getting Rusty to work his magic on the IPC to make it work in my car, so not sure if the language selector is a setting in the eeprom.

Basically i've found an ipc that matches my car on a polish auction site (means signing up to that site and getting a 'PayU' account...
But the part number of that IPC is 13346186, ABJ7.
my cars original IPC is 13346188, with a ABJ9 code.

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  navi 600 stuck in bootloader mode
Posted by: drummerboy73 - 9:th-Feb-2018, 14:49:36 - Forum: Medium cars Astra, Cascada, Vectra, Monaro & Insignia - Replies (1)


Can anyone help me please.

I'm stuck in bootloader mode in my Insignia.

I was trying to upgrade from my navi 600 to navi 900.

If i cant get the upgrade ill have to replace the unit - can this be done and do i need to replace it all or just the cd or ?

Please help asap.



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  Remote boot popping on a meriva (non canbus boot release i believe)
Posted by: gazz292 - 8:th-Feb-2018, 20:19:02 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (1)

I want to make my boot open remotely when i am approaching it with bags of shopping in my hands... the car is a 2011 meriva B....

Going to try the springs on the struts, my struts are pretty weak so time for new ones, so also going to get uprated pressure struts... actually gonna get adjustable pressure struts... they start with 70 newtons of lifting power... and a bolt can be opened to release some of the nitrogen pressure if they are too powerful to close the boot lid) 

This is with the idea to get the boot to self open once released.

The boot lock release is electric, but there is no boot pop function on the remote, 

I do not believe the boot release is canbus controlled... my car has no REC (it has a fuse box in the back, but it just has a single large power wire to it, and a single wire out from just one populated fuse way... to the parking pilot system (that this car no longer seems to have.. cheap aftermarket reversing sensors fitted now) 

I contacted the people that make the happyblue and happy lightshow dongles, but they say the meriva dosent have enough canbus controlled items to be worth them doing one for it. 

So what can i do??  the wiring diagram of the boot release would be handy.. with where it goes in the loom, to try and figure out if it is on the canbus or not... then i guess a canbus sniffer.... 

If it's not on the canbus... i'll have to figure out a way to do similar to what the hapyblue module does... when the canbus sniffer detects the remote unlock has been pressed twice in quick sucsession, it will trigger a relay to operate the boot release. 

OR, get a remote that has 3 buttons, and try and pick up the signal sent by the boot popbutton, that i believe may be hard to do with all the security, rolling codes and so on, 

Anybody got any other ides to how i could do this? or any info on canbus sniffing and that sort of thing

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  Who’s got my old car from North East then ?
Posted by: Jonathaneuk - 8:th-Feb-2018, 09:39:18 - Forum: General Chat - No Replies

[Image: 7dc0e0283486d45a4da9971b52b4d5f0.jpg]

Sold it last June to garage then went to auction then a garage in Newcastle had it last I believe

Sold with black wheels on the spoiler was still on and so was the skirts I believe

Would be good to know how she’s getting along

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  Head Unit question
Posted by: Desperado - 7:th-Feb-2018, 15:37:30 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)

I was thinking about changing to an after market head unit. 
I have seen many guides in here now trying to decide which one would be better.

anyone knows about this: KiriNavi Vertical Screen Android 7 14.1 Inches Car Head Unit For Opel Astra J ?

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  CD400, usb stick.. setting out the folders/files
Posted by: gazz292 - 6:th-Feb-2018, 18:28:18 - Forum: ICE - No Replies

Decided to get a usb stick to put a few mp3's on as the sound via my cheap blutooth adaptor (playing songs on the phone) is very low. 

Glad to find i get proper volume playing songs off the usb stick.. but i'm being a bit thick here... how to hell do i set up the various atributes so it displays nicely on the (GID) display? 

i mean, there's 'name' which is the file name with .mp3 at the end, then things like 'album' 'album artist', 'album ID', 'featured artist', 'genre'  and so on, i tried filling in as many as i could, and that gives me loads of options to search for songs... but it looks crap when in the main play display mode....

I noticed that when playing a song (most of my songs are full albums in a single file... downloaded from youtube using a sound ripper) that it can have 3 lines displayed... all mine just say the album name repeated on top and bottom lines, leaving middle line blank.. except for a single one that i had something in the 'featured artist' part.. that showed up on the middle line.

Is there a write up somewhere on how to 'label' the songs on the usb stick so they show up best on the display in the car?

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  Wiring connectors (vauxhall ones)
Posted by: gazz292 - 5:th-Feb-2018, 19:34:10 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (3)

Anyone know where i can buy empty wiring connectors that vauxhall use in their looms, and possibly their terminals from?    i want to make a few mods to my car over the coming months and like to make my own looms up,   

I've just bought off ebay an auto dim mirror and the specific screen cover plate for my car (meriva) I will bond the cover to the screen after making a vinyl mask for the screen up on my vinyl cutter.

But i will need a plug that goes in the mirrors socket, i will have to wire it to the interior light circuit (or may run the wires down to the fuse box and give it it's own feed if i decide i need the 3rd reversing light wire connected to it)  

I know i can buy the short loom from vauxhall for about a tenner, but i'd rather get the specific bare socket if i can as my car dosent have the connector the other end plugs into.

(i imagine the pins are what i call 'jst' pins.. used on hobby servo's and pc floppy disk drive power connectors (maplins sell floppy disk wiring kits 'JW63T' an expensive way to get 4 pins and a socket thats no use.... but those pins are what i used to wire my indicator stalk to the instruments to give me the trip computer functions... i've got hundreds of them along with my jst pin crimper in storage.. but what box it's in is a guess.. i'm quite good at crimping them with wire nippers now tho.. gotta get them right or they wont go down the socket holes in the plugs)

This is the mirror connector...
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
is that the same as other vauxhall mirrors?  
according to ecat24, the mirror wiring harness on my car is part of the body loom!! so no plug behind the interior light it seems!!

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