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  Hi there
Posted by: Hydrolock - 10:th-Sep-2018, 16:52:35 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (2)

I'm an Astra TT owner. I'll be looking at replacing it with a Vauxhall Cascada in the near future when I move house to a safer neighbourhood (hopefully!).

Do you guys know of any plans for a more powerful Cascada? Like the 280 PS Astraj J or anything like that?

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  1.6 cdti power loss
Posted by: ihastings - 10:th-Sep-2018, 15:09:59 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (2)

Hi Folks, I've recently bought a 2014 astra 1.6cdti sports tourer techline which is giving me no end of trouble...

When I collected the car from Arnold Clark I didnt think anything of the "Service Vehicle soon" message when putting the key in the ignition as I'd mistakenly assumed that the service warning hadn't been reset following the pre-sale service. Turns out, as I found out the next day, that the DPF had issues as when turned on ignition to set up my phone with the headunit, the dispaly on the dash was displaying a "DPF full continue driving mandatory" message. Blasted car in 3rd for a few miles and message disappeared, only to reappear the next day. Follwed previous action and cleared again. Informed dealer of issue which they agreed to look at. 2 forced regens and a set of high pressure glow plugs later, car was returned seemingly fixed.

I now have an issue where the car (once engine up to temp) loses power when pushed, eg overtaking or accelerating up a steep gradient. By loss of power i mean car hesitates then refuses to rev past 200 rpm, no fault indicated on display, no power reduced message or service vehicle soon. pulling in and turning the car off and back on again cures the issue at least for 50 or so miles. Also don't seem to get much mileage between passive regens( assuming read demist active when not commanded is a passive regen..), 50 - 100 miles, I would have thought around 200+ would be the norm. I suspect DPF issue was a symptom of another fault?

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Posted by: Michael T18 - 10:th-Sep-2018, 13:19:29 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (7)

Hi people I have bought an air induction pipe from eBay brand: DNA this is going to be a stupid question but I’m stuck on how to fit it iv been out and tryes but I don’t feel it fits correctly, and it also has a valve piece on it which I don’t know what for ??

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[Image: 38bb9acc7a24a6d0476f370263ea19b4.png]

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  5-door heated leather seats
Posted by: Rusty2009 - 9:th-Sep-2018, 15:14:36 - Forum: Parts for sale - Replies (2)

For sale full leather heated seats.
For 5-door Drivers seat needs seat rails (could quite possibly use the one off your old seat)

Will need to add the wiring from old seats for pretensioner.

Please note this is for front and rear seats only.

Driver seat does have the normal heat pad issue but does work.

A few marks but nothing major.

£250 collected from BH1 4QT.

[Image: 4035dbac8ed06a1c6eb965384ebcc4d4.jpg]

[Image: 5446687073a23c661c590c197beeebbb.jpg]

[Image: 0da41e7aaa5649ea8bdc4f4dfeea2da2.jpg]

[Image: 15fbdd3e214e6dccb6c5824f61cb6847.jpg]

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  Opel Astra J interior fan problem
Posted by: hejhopp123 - 9:th-Sep-2018, 14:24:31 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (1)


I have got some problem with my interior fan and with winter coming it is crucial this little thing work properly.
I will now try to explain this problem:

9/10 times the fan work as it should on step 1-6.
After going on max (step 6) for some time and I want to slow it down it start to lagg, going very uneven and sound bad, even stops working, on every stage down to zero.
If I choose full speed again it get a kick in the butt and work like a star on stage 6. 

I put it on the floor of the car to see how it looked and took my phone and record: 

Little tick-tick sound. Yesterday when I had it mounted the fan stopped so kicked it and it begin to work. 
It didnt show any signs of begin in bad shape, axel felt good in any direction and no resistance in bearings.

/Hejhopp from Sweden

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  Programming high beam assist
Posted by: husky - 8:th-Sep-2018, 20:25:24 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (6)

on the windschield of my astra there is a camera for the lane departure warning, next to it there is a small lense/camera facing forward. it is just beneath the sensor for the light/rain.
I read that this lense/camera is the one for high beam assist. My car does not have this option from the factory. I read that other cars come with the second camera and again high beam assist is not prsent.
My question is: Is it possible to program some module with TECH2 (My friend have it) and enable the high beam assist?
Thank you

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  Hi all
Posted by: shayne66 - 7:th-Sep-2018, 22:09:03 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (7)

Hi everyone, after owning my GTC for 1 year now i'd thought a hello was due.

Picked up a 2016 1.6t Limited Edition after my previous car was written off and happened to stumble across the GTC by off chance.

Personally think the favorite thing about the car is the flex-ride system. Seems to handle on any road with little effort and makes driving the car a joy.

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  GTC 1.6T Drivers Information
Posted by: Stanhope - 6:th-Sep-2018, 16:43:22 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (1)

Hi all,
Just bought a 2013 GTC 1.6T but the Drivers Information Centre isn't as detailed as the 1.4T I test drove previously. Are the additional features only available on the 1.4 or can they be activated on the 1.6 also.

Thanks in advance

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  GTC Space saver
Posted by: JoburgRed - 5:th-Sep-2018, 15:02:40 - Forum: Request for information - Replies (5)

I have recently acquired a GTC 2.0 cdti, and I'm one of those that would rather have a real wheel rather than a compressor and rubber solution! The full size wheel will not fit into the boot space and thus a space saver is required. Can anyone offer advice and comment please?
Part number, possible suppliers, what to look out for and such. I've been to the wheel spec website and have the tech specs such as pcd, centre diameter (a good site to look at by the way...) Newbie

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Wink CD500 Anti-Theft Lock
Posted by: daviep87 - 5:th-Sep-2018, 14:24:47 - Forum: ICE - Replies (6)

Hi all ,
I am in the process of retrofitting a CD500 to my Astra GTC and need a little help.

I think I have managed to get it wired up so the controls and screen come up, but it's displaying the anti-theft protection lock, I believe from forums it can be re-programmed? Does anyone know anywhere nearish kent that can do it ?  or do we think Vauxhall might be able to do it? 

It has come out of a scrapped Astra J 2012 plate, going into my 62 plate GTC, replacing my CD400 , I have DAB and USB already and not worried about the navigation and I think the Bluetooth doesn't support A2DP music anyway so not bothered about that so I don't think  I need to re-program the VCI?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile



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