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  navi 900 gps not work
Posted by: klicky - 19:th-Jan-2020, 14:59:07 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (1)


Can anyone help me why not work my navi 900?
In the upper right corner a GPS display in a red frame is crossed out.

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  Astra J 2.0 cdti braking system
Posted by: T-dog - 19:th-Jan-2020, 11:39:08 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (1)

Hi, I have a Astra J 2.0 cdti 2011. I’m looking to buy a space saver wheel for it, can anyone confirm which braking system 2.0 cdti’s have? I think it might be the J60 brakes.

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  Front PDC Wiring
Posted by: leeso - 15:th-Jan-2020, 18:12:23 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (1)

Hi, does anyone know what terminals are in the X100 connector under the battery tray, (headlamp harness side male pins). I need to make some wiring to connect to the body loom to the PDC wiring I have so don't have to runs the wires to the boot. RS link to item if anyone has done this TIA.

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  service vehicle soon
Posted by: stevedemp23 - 14:th-Jan-2020, 14:57:46 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (2)

Just been out to my car this morning and the service vehicle soon message came on and vehicle went into limp mode. tried half an hour later and same thing. this afternoon i was going to take it to local garage and see what they said but used spare key this time as was going to leave car with them and service vehicle soon came on then went off and car drove as normal. I have noticed my keyfob has been acting up recently and was wondering if low battery in keyfob could cause SVS.

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  New member
Posted by: Ultrajimbo - 13:th-Jan-2020, 22:13:48 - Forum: Introduction Area - Replies (2)

Evening all...
Obviously owning an Astra has brought me here ?
Purchased a 2012 GTC 2.0 CDTi S/S back in May & I love it!
Got a few ideas for it so come here for some insights
First question; Are the rear quarter windows bonded or held in place with nuts?
Anyone remapped their car? Company locally called DK tuning saying they can give 200bhp plus improved mpg. Anyone else had an experience with a remap?

Future mods include;
VXR/LTD edition front bumper
Respray in metallic red (currently gloss red)

All suggestions greatly appreciated

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  Competitive prices AND top quality service
Posted by: ChrisKnottIns - 13:th-Jan-2020, 18:28:24 - Forum: Chris Knott Insurance - No Replies


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We look forward to making even more car enthusiasts happy this year and finding the best car insurance deals.

I'm here for any questions you may have.


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  IPC upgrade problem
Posted by: coabacje - 11:th-Jan-2020, 18:58:54 - Forum: Electrical - No Replies

Hi folks, i got insignia 2.0 cdti 2009, and after some time i wanted to change ipc with mid level display for ipc with uplevel display. I read eeprom, changed my car vin and security code and all got working (odometer and no errors since ipc is from the same specs car like mine) but rev counter is staying at 0, although it does sweep at start. Is it some wiring issues or need more programing?

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Thumbs Up Vibe microamp, will it fit behind headunit?
Posted by: s_p_a_r_k_e_s - 7:th-Jan-2020, 02:32:47 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)

Alright people, first post on this forum! Recently purchased a 2013 GTC VXR and wanted to install a vibe microamp behind the factory headunit but not sure if it will fit? Anyone got any experience with this? Was also going to add the Vibe micro sub amp to power a space saver sub at a later date as well. Thanks in advance

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  Tree algae around shut lines & Inside condensation
Posted by: Vx-Mad-G - 6:th-Jan-2020, 14:26:11 - Forum: Detailing - Replies (2)

Just after a bit of advice here please.

We have a white Astra-J, and have noticed the last couple times I have washed it that around the ***** lines I get loads of dirt splutting out, especially when jet washing ot hose piping.

I have also notices some greeny tree algae around the tailgate shuts, especially around the top side.

Whats the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of this without splashing the inside of the car?

In addition, im notiticing the inside of the car getting lots of condensation, and when its icy outside, even surface ice on the inside of the windscreen.

There is nothing wet inside the car, seats are dry, carpets are dry, but it just baffles me.

Can anyone help with both issues please?


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  Car unlocked and front windows half down.
Posted by: Multiskilled - 3:rd-Jan-2020, 00:13:43 - Forum: Electrical - Replies (4)

Hi, just gone out to find car Astra j 1.7 cdti Ecoflex with front windows half way down and doors unlocked.

I've searched this site and two other Vauxhall sites as I'm sure I read a post from someone with the same problem, to no avail. Any one come across this fault before or can direct me to the the relevant post. Thanks.

Sent from my BV6800Pro using Tapatalk

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