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  Tech2-ing things in.. am i just lucky
Posted by: gazz292 - Yesterday, 12:24:48 - Forum: Retrofit Research - Replies (1)

My car being a 2011 meriva, uses Tech 2 for diagnostics, it's not on GDS2 untill the 2014 model year, but not on the Tech2's onboard SPS list,  so i have to SPS from my netbook with GlobalTis 32b on it, using the Tech2 - J2534 passthru mode. 

But i've so far bought an IPC, a TIM and a PDC module (and a rain sensor.. but i know that's not vin matched) all were just removed from vehicles, not divorced, and when first connected they say 'mismatched vins'

But i just do a 'configure and set up' sps session on them, and they marry to my car (actually, i have yet to do that to the TIM, as still wiring it in) 

But is this normal,  it is a Tech2 thing, the GlobalTis 32b thing or just luck

I know my car just seem's to miss that VCI thing, i've altered things in my BCM a few times and it just changes the options.. DDS button nowt will happen... and i prolly need a different ABS module (i have the info pulled from the modules by Tech2,  will that give what version it is, and be able to work out if DDS, and then TPMS can be added to my car?  or do i need to remove my expansion tank and physically read numbers off the ABS module?

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  Alternator part code needed for astra gtc j 2014 cdti 2.0
Posted by: king - 19:th-Apr-2018, 23:55:55 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (4)

Fairly sure i might need a new Alternator (from a google search, got a voltmeter coming to test)

Does anyone know the GM part code that i need for the Alternator?

Astra gtc j 2014 2.0 cdti  limited edition

steering feels heavy (like two front flat tyres)

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  Release gear knob reverse lockout bar
Posted by: gazz292 - 19:th-Apr-2018, 21:46:20 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Howto's - No Replies

How do you release the reverse lockout bar when taking the gear knob off?? 

i knot to press in and slide up the blue collar to release the knob from the shaft, but it's still held down due to the reverse lockout plastic bar,  i can't seem to se how to release it, and dont want to just pull incase i break it

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  DAB Sharkfin Aerial
Posted by: bhalay207 - 19:th-Apr-2018, 11:20:03 - Forum: Parts for sale - No Replies

DAB shark fin aerial complete with all wiring needed. Purchased from a member on VXOC a while back.

Amazing reception quality unlike the cheap ones on eBay.

Additional £5 for p&p, £70 in total, Payment via PayPal as gift. Selling as no longer required.
[Image: 35877d27f533f1c3f75342d1c615c2b7.jpg]
[Image: d7b5eb888e8952cd4e3b091a133f56cb.jpg]
[Image: f72dbb29e6fd15861a22a05449373458.jpg]
[Image: ed39f9a65f22587acd269cfb069df804.jpg]

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  Low compression
Posted by: Brnjas - 18:th-Apr-2018, 08:45:57 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Common Problems - Replies (1)

15 days ago my astra j 1.7 CDTI went into safe mode. I drove the car back to home in limp mode for about 10km. Day after I was booked in local garage. But the car has no power. Suddenly, after 200m the car stopped. It starts for 2sec and again stop... To cut the story garage was diagnose totally corked DPF filter. Cause: two injectors were corked by bad fuel. Anyway, DPF is now out completely (strait pipe) and remap done and injectors repaired. But now, service struggle to adjust injectors electronicaly 'cause they said cylinder 1 and 2 has low compression, about as I remember 14bars, other two are over 20 bars. The car was given back to me now. I am driving the car with no issues. Now has more power, starting normally, consumption is normal. Everything looks ok. Now, I am wonder if they want to build the job for them self or is some serious issue.

Any suggestion will be well noted.


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  Help Me Please
Posted by: colly - 17:th-Apr-2018, 16:22:11 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (7)

Hi Guys,
Hopeful you can help or steer me in right direction my wife was driving car stopped came back wouldn't start, when i got to the car it has brought up on the display the service esp,service power steering and saying to put windows down and back up, I managed to jump start the car and drive it about 10min to in-laws but wouldn't start again after that! Has anyone had anything similar to this?
Car is a 62 plate Diesel 2.0

I've got a battery from a garage on charge to try that tomorrow to see if this is the problem.

Fingers crossed for help.

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  Automatic worries
Posted by: PPJ82 - 17:th-Apr-2018, 14:36:03 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (3)

Hi all

I have a 2013 Astra SRi 2.0 CDTi Auto Tourer with 45k miles on the clock

It has been perfect since i bought it 4 months ago but noticed in the last few days that when on the motorway (whether the engine is hot or cold), as soon as i let off the accelerator, even a little bit, due to traffic etc, it changes down from 6th to 5th with a very small jerk. The jerk is much more noticeable than normal changes and wasn't happening last week.

I thought maybe it was trying to keep the revs up due to a DPF regen, and when i stopped yesterday the fan kept running for a bit (i understand this is due to a regen). However the jerk was happening today too.

I drove the 18 miles this morning in 5th so as to keep the revs above 2k, just in case it needed to complete a regen but it is still happening.

It seems to be worse in on the drive home interestingly when sat for 8 hours as opposed to in the morning when sat for 14.

I am thinking that either:

  • The gearbox is dying (dear god, lets hope not)
  • The car needs a service - not due for 6 months
  • Software bug
There is no whining or grinding from the gearbox at all and all other changes are normal. I am not losing any coolant either.

How much do i need to be worrying about this clunk that started all of a sudden?

I also noticed that when in 6th gear at 60-70mph, if i accelerate, the rev counter rises 200rpm instantly then come down and go up normally.

Is this normal? It has been suggested that i need a software update to the gearbox so need to take it to Vauxhall.  Been quoted £69 to do the updates from Eden.

Many thanks

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  Induction pipe for sale ??
Posted by: Michael T18 - 17:th-Apr-2018, 13:53:49 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - No Replies

Hi I’m looking for an induction pipe for my Astra gtc, I’ve bought an air filter but didn’t realise that the MAF sensor is attached to the air box

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  W072 (M072 Successor) Pre-Release Information
Posted by: sheppy1 - 16:th-Apr-2018, 22:20:19 - Forum: ICE - Replies (2)

Hi All!

Right, bit of an "exclusive" here! I've been in close contact with Rob from IceBox Auto for the past year or so and he's just informed me that the successor to the M072, the W072 based on the S200 architecuture rather than the S160 architecture that the M072 is based on, is due for release in the next few weeks!

This unit will have a better display, more storage, Android Oreo etc.

Below is all of the current info that Rob has been able to provide to me:

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

This contains data sheets, adertisement info etc.

I have alrrady said I will buy this unit as soon as it's released and I will continue to keep thos thread updated with pics, videos etc. of the new unit to help everyone decide if they want one or not.

Any questions, let me know!

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Smile Help ASTRA J Induction Kit
Posted by: Winterad99 - 16:th-Apr-2018, 21:42:42 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - No Replies

Hi All,

I am new to the Astra club, my first Astra and I love it so far nearly 3 months in and no bothers!

Recently I have decided to invest a little more into her, I am looking for help on purchasing an induction kit(to replace the housing box and panel filter)

I have had kits and filters in the past on previous petrol cars but this is my very first diesel and i found it impossible to source anything.

I do not want a panel filter so please do not recommend them, Ideally I would like a decent induction kit with a  heat resistant wall but need to make sure it will fit my engine.

Astra J(mk6) SRI CDTI 2.0 Turbo Diesel 160BHP - Late 2011

Will a GTC or VXR one fit...? Or Insignia?

I am really lost Thud  as everything is VXR orientated and just want to see what you lovely chaps can recommend please.


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