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  Chris Knott Reviews
Posted by: ChrisKnottIns - 26:th-Jul-2021, 16:23:52 - Forum: Chris Knott Insurance - No Replies

Hi, if you'd like the reassurance of reading some reviews before trying Chris Knott for a car insurance quote, here's a selection from some of our car club forums and the Trustpilot review site...

"I saved £40 on my renewal and the process was nice and easy, highly recommended." taffyhornblower, jaguarforum

"I went with CK 10 days ago, they easily beat the A********** renewal and subsequent quotes I had with an equivalent policy - so I am in the [prize] draw." coldel, VX220 forum

"Smashed my renewal quote with my previous insurers, well impressed! All mods declared as well." Bob Wilson, Ford Club GB

"Kim was a very friendly, helpful advisor and quickly got a renewal policy for us. Excellent customer skills. Many thanks." Mrs H Taylor, Trustpilot

"Excellent and seamless, easy service. Would highly recommend." Mr Nick Modha, Trustpilot

"Friendly people and very helpful." Morag Tucker, Trustpilot

"Fantastic service will definitely recommend to friends and family." Mr Christopher Drake, Trustpilot

"Happy with the quote and service I received on the phone. Fortunately I have no experience of having to make a claim." Piers, Trustpilot

"Very helpful patient and professional. Competitive pricing." Rachael, Trustpilot

"Excellent value for money and excellent service." Chris C, Trustpilot

"Friendly, helpful staff and a seamless process to obtain a quote and insurance cover." Mrs Lea Manfield, Trustpilot

"Very easy to sort my insurance in difficult times and was the best price on the market." Mrs Robert Duffy, Trustpilot

"Polite, helpful staff that made the entire process very easy and saved me money on my insurance!" Edward, Trustpilot

"Excellent service, remembered everything, despite a 9 week hiatus caused by lockdown." Iain Cockburn, Trustpilot

"Competitive Quote. After checking the comparison sites I decided to get a quote through Chris Knott's Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Not only were they able to beat all of the quotes that I had received this year, the policy that they offered me was less than I paid last year. The service was excellent, particularly as everyone was working from home as a result of the lockdown." Peter Baker, Trustpilot

"Excellent service so far. Even in these challenging times." Steve Wright, Trustpilot

"Good honest advice and know what you're good at and what you're not." Mr Stephen Taylor, Trustpilot

"Quick and efficient service and the price of my insurance premium was much more reasonable." C Bedford, Trustpilot

"Easy, friendly and £50 cheaper than the Co-op." Ian Dawson, Trustpilot

"1st time customer using Chris Knott. So far, I've had good customer support, very polite, easy to talk too. Cheap & reasonable rates." Simon Perkins, Trustpilot

Chris Knott is rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot 4.8/5
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To benefit from our "helpful", "efficient", person-to-person service please call us on 0800 917 2274.

Or, you can schedule a time-specific callback via our website:
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If you request a quote in July or August you'll also gain entry in our draw to WIN a Karcher K2 Car Pressure Washer (see separate post).


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  Rear view camera
Posted by: MarkAP68 - 25:th-Jul-2021, 13:51:03 - Forum: Retrofit How-to's - No Replies

Hi I have just fitted an Astra K rea rview camera to my Cascada and connected it to a Navi600 unit. But  I am struggling to find a reverse feed for it, I had thought I had found one but alas it didn't work so to test the wiring I fed this wire directly to a live feed from the battery which got the camera to work when I put it in reverse so I know all the rest of the wiring is correct.

Does anybody know where I can get a reverse feed from as I have had a look at the back of the wiring on the rear light and all the harness colours are black and the actual wires going to the bulbs are wired in together in parallel with a black and a brown wire so it looks like the canbus must send the signal down the wires to the correct bulb (i'm guessing) as the rear lights and stop lights are OEM LED units.

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  Brake pedal sensor learn.
Posted by: Richiew1986 - 22:nd-Jul-2021, 16:53:31 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - No Replies

Is anyone in the North East that is able to do a Brake Pedal Position Sensor Relearn?

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  cascada elite low spec
Posted by: Qaranc - 16:th-Jul-2021, 17:28:04 - Forum: Medium cars Astra, Cascada, Vectra, Monaro & Insignia - No Replies

I am looking at getting the casada but I am being put off because there are some without front parking sensors or power fold mirrors. can these be retrofited with genuine upgrades or is it a case of finding one with the spec I need which seem to be rare.
I have the facelift J 2.0l elite and mirrors and sensors those are standard and I find this annoying
I am open to advice Thanks

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  1.7 CDTI - Stutters, then runs super rough, stalls and starts back up after 1h.
Posted by: rlievens - 16:th-Jul-2021, 08:17:34 - Forum: Mechanical - No Replies


For the 2nd time now I have encountered the same issue.
My car doesn't get used much for long trips nowadays but I encountered this problem on his last long trip a week ago and one month ago:

Car driving fine, full power no error messages.
Suddenly no power when pushing gas pedal, car begins to stutter instead. But still runs in idle. Engine light comes on.
This problem gets worse over the next seconds until the car runs so rough in idle it stalls.
Restarting the car goes suuper rough or not at all.

First time I waited about 1 hour and after that the car worked fine again, even after a 1 hour drive. Engine light went off.
2nd time I had to get it towed as I was on a motorway. When they returned the car it started up as normal and engine light was off.

My guess is some sensor that is acting up, or something getting clogged. But offcourse there are a lot of things in an engine Smile
Could it be the EGR valve sticking? I cleaned it last year and it's about 4 years old. I heard EGR valve doesn't throw up an error code.
Could it be the injectors?
Air sensor/MAF?

I don't have enough experiencie with engines to pinpoint the problem myself.
Any suggestions are very welcome.

BTW: i have no way of reading fault codes unless if I go to a garage.

Thank you!!

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  weird motor sound Astra J 1.4 turbo
Posted by: oliv.cleiton - 15:th-Jul-2021, 23:09:02 - Forum: Mechanical - Replies (2)

Hi all
I am quite new at this forum, so this is my first poost and I hope not break any rules.
In the last days I noticed my Astra is making some weird noise. It seems there is some broken piece inside and quite often creates this `crack` sound. 
The car is an ASTRA J 1.4 turbo 140cv with 67.000km
I want able to attach the video, but I share a google drive link where you can watch and hear the noise.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Hope you guys can help me.

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Photo Hi there :)
Posted by: meridian9 - 14:th-Jul-2021, 12:30:35 - Forum: Introduction Area - No Replies

New Astra 1.4T owner here! Just picked it up on Monday, still getting to know it! I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions, and look forward to being part of the community. Have come from a long line of Vauxhalls, (Vectra/Insignia) so if I can help anyone else, will be happy to!


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  Please help, strange problems.
Posted by: Richiew1986 - 12:th-Jul-2021, 21:55:16 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC Technical - Replies (8)

Hi, I bought an Astra J a couple of weeks ago, since then a few problems have surfaced. It started after I removed the battery to replace the air bag and steering wheel. Code 16 came on, found that a bulb had blown so replaced that, code gone but still no brake lights. I then noticed that the brake lights would illuminate with the reverse light.

Today while driving I noticed that the brake lights are coming on but not when I press the pedal, seems to be in response to slowing down, then coming of when accelerating. maybe unrelated but my remote locking keyfob stopped working too.  I've never came across this problem before and think it's really strange, hope someone can help me shine some light on it. Really would appreciate some expertise on this, I'm going my wits end with it.

Looked on Opcom and there does seem to be some trouble codes. 

U0140-71 Lost communication with Body Control Module - Invalid data

C0277-06 Brake Pedal Position sensor circuit- Low voltage/open

C0277-4B Brake Pedal Position sensor circuit- Calibration not learned

C0890-003 Control module voltage reference output 3 circuit - undervoltage

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  Clean up with Chris Knott this Summer
Posted by: ChrisKnottIns - 12:th-Jul-2021, 16:59:46 - Forum: Chris Knott Insurance - No Replies

Clean up with Chris Knott this Summer

Get a car insurance quote from Chris Knott in July or August* and you could WIN a Karcher K2 Car Power Washer in our Summer prize draw. 

Enjoy our person-to-person service AND competitive prices when you ask us to quote for your car. We're mod-friendly too - now with an even wider list of acceptable mods.

Get in touch to see how much you could save with the companies that aren't on price comparison sites...

Speak to an experienced, helpful, real-life human-being on 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.


*Automatic free entry for all quotes given upto midnight on Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Customer feedback about club specialist Chris Knott

"Great staff, a big help and an excellent saving." Tony, Trustpilot

"I got mine insured through Chris Knott when I switched to my Mk4. Completely standard, no mods, they beat the best quote I could find online." alexp999, Focus ST Owners Club

"Well went with Chris Knott last year after getting a great quote. Renewal came round again so was expecting to have to move again to achieve a good price. Renewal quote came through from Chris Knott and had not gone up but stayed about the same. Found a cheaper alternate quote and they matched it without any trouble. So another year with Chris Knott. Great customer service." BMW Chaz, BimmerForums

"Excellent response and good price and cover. Thanks" Les, Trustpilot

"My family has been with Chris Knott for 20+ years. Over the past year Chris Knott's staff have been extremely helpful to me in having to change the various insurances we had following a change in my circumstances." Miss J Black, Trustpilot

Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot 4.8/5 - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

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  Decent Vauxhall specialists?
Posted by: SomePigeon - 12:th-Jul-2021, 14:38:52 - Forum: Astra-J/GTC - Replies (2)

Hi everyone.

I have a 63plate Biturbo 5 door model which has recently developed a judder/vibration on acceleration. 

After much messing around getting wheels balanced and aligned and swapping wheels around I've been advised it is likely the clutch/fly wheel.

Does anybody know of any decent independent Vauxhall specialists in the Aldershot/Hampshire area that will do this work?
(I refuse to use the local Vauxhall dealership as they are completely useless)


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