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why some astra j cars are more noisy than the others
Did you know that some astras are more noisy(inside the cabinet).Because opel/wauxhall cancelled some rubber parts to save money in some models.

The guy on the following video says: I have 2013 model astra j (black colour)and it has a special rubber sealing to prevent outside noise.My friend's car is 2015 model(silver one) and it has no same  rubber sealing.Therefore my car is more silent than my friend's car.

I have also 2015 model astra j and  I have also noise problem(If the driver door was not closed properly and outside noise(tire noise etc.) enter inside the cabinet.

 I visited opel services a lot of time due to this problem and they applied silicon spray onto rubber sealing of the doors only But the noise problem was not fixed.

I feel myself cheated by opel/wauxhall now for very cheap rubber parts.I will never buy any opel car due to this stupid cost saving policy of opel/wauxhall.

What do you think about cost saving policy of opel/wauxhall.?

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Sadly it's not only Opel/Vauxhall that do this they do it.
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