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tow bar wiring
If you have decided to go the bypass way... i'll buy the loom off you, as my tow bar i bought is missing the plugs for the interface, and i can only seem to buy them in multiples of 5 from RS components, one is available at mouser for 3 quid, but 12 quid postage!!

Or if anyone else has the loom they can sell me... i need the 18 way plug and the 3 way plug that goes into the trailer interface module, the weird round with flats 12 way connector that goes to the 13 pin tow socket would be handy too.. but i can change the connector on that if needs be.
I may have a loom here but it's missing some wires (brought it off someone else but cba to add the missing parking sensor wires as plugs are not easy to source).

I'll try and have a look later for you.
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cheers mate,
it's just the plugs i need really, i can make the loom up as i have loads of wire, and can solder to the terminals to re-use them (i should be able to solder them without burning things Smile
I've found an 18 way quadlock plug at a scrapyard... some astra's have them hanging near the REC with a single green wire in them.. had to shave 2 of the locating lugs off to make it fit in the TIM... 
they use the same terminals as used in the stereo, indicator switch and other plugs i believe, so i've ordered a reel of 100 of the terminals from RS.

I can't get the 3 pin (2 pins used used) plug that supplies power to the TIM in quantities less than 5, the terminals are sold in 10's, thats something i guess, but i only need 2, and i imagine those plugs and terminals are not used anywhere else in the car.

But i just can not find that round one that connects to the 13 pin socket loom:

None of the vauxhalls at the scrap yard had factory fitted towbars, so universal bypass relays in all of them.
Is this the correct way round for the main power cable?? i.e. live to the left? 

i've modified a plug to fit, got the proper terminals and crimped them to some new wires,  but i am not 100% i've got the polarity right, 

GlobalTis shows the plug, it's really a 3 way, and has live on pin 3, earth on pin 1, 
the TIM has 1 and 2 on the terminals down the socket.. so i've assumed 1 in earth, but if im wrong i blow the module
oh yeah, i got the 12 pin plug too... but it's only got 10 pins in it :( i need to source one more pin.. as the meriva used 11 of them... might see if i can get them off RS, so i can crimp in new ones for all except the 2 large power ones

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