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service vehicle soon
Just been out to my car this morning and the service vehicle soon message came on and vehicle went into limp mode. tried half an hour later and same thing. this afternoon i was going to take it to local garage and see what they said but used spare key this time as was going to leave car with them and service vehicle soon came on then went off and car drove as normal. I have noticed my keyfob has been acting up recently and was wondering if low battery in keyfob could cause SVS.
For the price of a CR2032 battery, it's worth changing and trying, but I thought a message came up on the dash when the fob battery voltage becomes low. However that might only apply to certain spec models.

According to the handbook, you'll either get an error code 35 (which means Replace battery in radio remote control), or you'll get the message "Radio remote control" in the uplevel display.
It maybe worth plugging it in and getting any codes read never heard of any SVS message due to key fob battery.
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