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passenger door deadlocked
hi having a few problems with my astra j 1.3 td. the passenger door is deadlocked ive tried disconnecting battery still no joy.
managed to get the door trim off i can pull the door popper up and down and the door handle from inside but still no joy so assume something electrical is stopping me opening it. any help be appreciated as ive got so far dont want to give up!
hi have you checked the eletrical conection on the door
(14:th-May-2020, 19:54:23)paula9568 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.hi have you checked the eletrical conection on the door

can i get at it with the door closed? is it behind the speaker?
sorry not sure,but if you take the door pannel of you should be able to themin take the door off,take the chrome door trim offshould be 3 screw bhind it,then take the window control switch off,the small pannel behind the open close door lever,pop the door pannel off and force the pannel and slide it upwards,have a look on youtube to see how its done best of luck

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