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parking and cluster upgrade

Because i`m trying for long time to fix the parking issue, i have only the sound but no visual on cluster, today i used opcom to see what modules i have installed in the car :

cluster - 13355676 ( big screen )
parking module  - 13344459 

Right now my cluster looks like this
 and i want this 

.jpg   future.JPG (Size: 17 KB / Downloads: 169)

also because i have the factory front and rear sensors but no visual i wanna change the parking module.

The question is , can someone who have the visual parking module and the new cluster provide me the part numbers .

Thank you
Have a word with Russell he knows all things about clusters and upgrades
I saw a similar article on facebook, Rusty 2009 swapped over my basic IPC for an uprated s/s IPC which had more menu information, there are several members on this site that do the retrofit, however Rusty have done all my retrofits on my previous Astra J & now the GTC & his workmanship is top quailty.
also i saw many of them but nobody is telling the part number. i don`t wanna buy something that it will not fit my desires Smile). at the last recall from vauxhall i ask them to take a look at my parking module and see if they can activate the visual notification, they let me know that my module do not have that..only audio
The parking module is nothing to do with the display so forget about the parking sensor module.

as for the speedo it's not as simple as someone giving you a part number there is far more to it.

PM your reg & I'll check your spec and look for a suitable match, but again you can't just buy one and fit it it needs programming and configuring to your car not many people can do it.

In terms of having front and rear sensors displayed in the screen it isn't always possible as it's all done via the config files which come from GM there is no user control over this.
[Image: Rusty-2_zpsuzrvgsp6.GIF]
Astra-J 2.0 CDTI S/S
Retrofitted AFL, TPMS, Navi950, BT, DAB, Rear Camera, Infinity sound system, Towbar, Flexfloor & more.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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Hi, i have a cluster from a 2015 astra, buy it cheaper on ebay, and im researching in lot of foruns how to deal with dump file from eeprom. Right now i just tryed to change the dump from my original 2010 cluster (the higher one but without 3lines, eco/opc tab, visual parking etc...) and store it to the 2015 cluster (this only have 3 menus with 3 lines). 

It showed some errors, its normal, but i was suprised with this:

[Image: IMG_20190907_195745.jpg]

I have factory fitted park sensors, and the lines work fine  Hyper, but as it as a 2010 i never thogh it was possible.

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