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fitting factory parking sensors
i am trying to fit the factory PDC system to my 2010 vauxhall astra elite j i have to control module and the button but i don't know what wires i need i have the wire with the sensors on but i don't have what that plugs in to. with the control module connected when i put the car in to reverse i get a beep and the light on the button flashes. and when pluged in to my scanner i and getting codes forthe front and raer sensors missing. i am wanting to do both front and rear but will start with the rear.

thanks for you time michael

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Rear body loom and a rear bumper loom needed.
Front depends some cars have the wiring from under the battery to the front bumper loom some stop under the battery.

in terms of the module if you only fit rear first it will still not work until front are fitted also..
if you haven't had the module programmed to your car that will also stop it working once sensors are fitted.

If you PM me your reg I can advise on the loom part numbers needed.
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I have ordered the loom from vauxhall but the one I have ordered is the one for park pilot and tyre pressure monitoring system. I when I plugged my car in the the computer and looked what code I have it is just saying the front and rear sensors are missing and when I put the car in reverse it beeps so it is running and it recognises the control module.
The only thing I am struggling to find now is the thing to stick the sensor to the bumper
hi, do you know, where to connect front loom under the battery? and wiring diagram?
i haven't looked on my one yet, i think it is a part of the wiring loom for the lights on the front bumper i am trying the find part numbers to see what loom is needed.

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