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clock change
I know this sounds daft, but I cant change the time on either of my 2 astra js
more to the point, when I change the clocks, they go back to the old time (BST) after about 5 mins of driving

I changed the time on my tourer, drove around the corrner, turned off to go in shops, started up and drove away, clock was correct, 5 mins later I looked at clock and it suddenly had gained the hour.

my daughter had the same with her J
mine has Navi600, hers CD400

we have had both cars a few years and changed clocks before without hassel in past

any ideas??
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
First I would check if automatic time adjustment is activated (RDS Auto Time Adjust).
Deactivate RDS Auto Time Adjust., set the time and try again.

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