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cd400 quality
I have a cd400 unit in my car and the radio reception is very poor. is this a common problem? i also think the sound quality of the radio / speakers is not great at lower volumes but seems better when turned up (sounds flat / muffled). is there an easy / factory upgrade option available?
Not much to add really other than I had the cd400 unit with factory stock speakers (upgraded to M072 Android head unit now). But regardless the sound quality had always been very very good! Was then and still is now... You may have a fault or loose connection or a dodgy Ariel or something?

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For a standard set up I think it's decent enough. Depends what you want to compare it to i guess

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Reception is no problemo for me. My brother complain about bad speakers, scraping sound he says. I did took notice about it too and it is there on low volume.

I dont care cause I hear so bad - but new speakers crossed my mind before.
Radio reception is terrible on mine, however, that could be down to my local area being a bit pants of reception
My reception is terrible. Fades in and out . Seems better on a long drive like the ‘valves ‘ are warming up on  the old time radio gram . Great sound on the speakers when it works !
the aerial is in the side windows on the gtc, so check to see the wires are still connetced
Found a post on here that recommended to unscrew Ariel (no wonder it’s pants only about 4 threads holding it to the mounting ) clean both car mount and Ariel threads with brake cleaner ( not much and be careful will burn paint ) then re attach with a tiny bit of copper grease. Did this now mine works a treat no trouble at all . It was as much use as a chocolate firegaurd before !
my reception gets worse when I put the heated rear window on?
I've a CD400 in my daughters J, seems all good,
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