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Wrong Spark plugs
Hi all,
I am having exactly the same problem with a 2nd hand Astra as in this thread: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
The supplied spark plugs actually seem to be not suitable for the 1.4T engine at all. Their part number is 55565219 and they are chopper plus and not iridium.

Now, one of the supplied spark plugs broke and damaged the engine and I am having to provide some evidence that my car was supplied with wrong plugs. So far so good. No-one can access the invoice of the previous owner, but the dealership confirmed it was apparently serviced with GM plugs that are fine for the next 60.000miles - mine are not GM stamped, blue writing, they only state Champion RC10MCC R6...
The correct part number is 55576026 as stated in this thread, I did ask the dealerships. This part number was updated recently to 95528733. 

Now I wonder how it can be that approved Vauxhall dealerships insert wrong spark plugs? Around the same time? My service was done also in 2016 in April. (yes, it's 2020...waiting to resolve this for the past 2 years) I wonder if there are more cases like this? Anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be very helpful. 

No warranty anymore, so cannot go with this.

Also the usual problems, slow coolant loss....finally found a crack in thermostat housing, but that's the least of the problems now.


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