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Wonky lighting and other behaviour

Shortly after taking broom broom for an AC recharge, my stereo went wonky as hell. Changing stations, source, you name it.

The following ride, the stereo behaved (and has done since) but the steering wheel controls for the stereo stopped working.

The next ride and the ICE was fine.

Buuutttt... Check left DRL pops up.

Swap it out.... It's working... For two starts. It goes out. A thump on the lamp unit & it lights up.

This has been the behaviour for a while, sometimes dipped beam also not working, others it works fine whilst del doesnt.

Today, del left & right flagging up.

Can anyone tell me:

1) have you seen this before & the solution(s)?

2) fuses to check?

3) relays to check?

Google suggests earthing problem, which with the lamp thump may be true, the thump just connecting it again, so in addition, anyone know where the ground points to check are?

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I’ve had similar issues with my DRL’s when I first went to LED’s,
they kept on going on then off switching sides. It turned out to be dodgy LED’s and was solved with new ones.
I know this is probably not much help but I’d start by trying different bulbs then take it from there.
Seems strange how the problem started after a re-gas as they wouldn’t be near anything electrical??
Hope you get it sorted

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Cheers mate.

I first pulled the new ones I fitted in October, swapped back to the originals as i still had them.

Checked all of them with a multimeter, running good.

Hoping to start pulling and checking the fuses and relays.

My one thought of the re-charge is if they connected something to an earth point and dislodged/damaged the point inadvertently.

It's most likely coincidence, but damn it's a good one if it is, talking hours apart to first symptom.

I now seem to be down both side lights permanently.

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Your ground points for the lights will be in the engine bay there are some by rad by passenger headlight. there is also some by the air filter.

in the car there is a fair few one is behind the glove-box on the big metal bar there are some behind the kick panel bottom of doors.
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