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Winter tyres?
Hello All.
Quick question. Please. My 2013 gtc Sri 2.0 cdti currently has uniroyal rainsport 3 235/50/18. I was wondering if anyone could suggest winter tyres for this size or even all year tyres. I live in Scotland and get a lot of frost and snow. Only had this car since March so not sure how it handles in winter. My Vectra wouldn't even leave the driveway in the snow. Any advice appreciated. Cheers and thanks.
I use Goodyear gen winter tyre. From mid November till March. Get car serviced late Nov, ask garage to rotate tyres from back, to front.
Then come march, go to a tyre dealer, to rotate the winters, back to the back wheels.
I use Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 (W320) on a set of 16" steel wheels over winter. Drive to Poland regularly so need them. Got these as they are Asymmetric/non-directional, so put the deeper tread on the front each November (for even wear) and don't need to change the tyre direction round. Have had them on for the last two winters and been great.

If you want all year round tyres, the Hankook KINERGY 4S (H740) get very good reviews.
Those Rainsport 3 tyres do handle well in the snow. Offcourse not like winter tyres but still a lot better than real summertyres.

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