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Which wheels and tires Astra J 1.6 CDTi 110hp
Hello guys, which size of wheels and tires would you recommend for a 1.6CDTi with 110hp?
Currently I'm using winter tires 215/65R16 with 6.5J steel wheels. I want to buy some ALU rims for the summer and new summer tires.
Found some good 17" rims, but at 18" there is even more to choose from. Would 18s be uncomfortable? Or too big for this engine?
I found info for the 136hp engine and recomended sizes go up to 235x40R19 with 8J width, but I cannot find info for my engine.

I was thinking about 225x50R17 with 7J rims, but I guess 18s would fit better. I'm just concerned with engine strength and how comfortable the car will be.
My mistake, the current tires are 215/60R16, not 215/65R16.

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