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Water leak in boot, spare wheel

My Astra has a leak in the boot, where the spare wheel is. The boot itself is dry. But there is damp on the back seat and the passenger footwellis wet.

I have just taken it to my local Vauxhall Dealer, they did tests all day, could not find out where the leak was. They said they would need to take out the carpet, seats and take off the bumper to find out more. Would be 6 hours labour. Im picking the car up tomorrow. It would cost over £400 before any parts.

Any ideas?  Thanks
There are lots of threads on here for this issue, different people have had different results from doing different things. I have a post on here about it and I cured my issue. I'll try and find my post. You will get lots of different ideas and it will be trial and error but mine cured all the wet in the boot and consideration issues.

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If you click on the link it should take you there.
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My drivers A pilar is wet and it looks like the sealant has cracked under the roof rail, I planned to sort it today but typically the rain started just as I did.

No way would I be taking my car to a dealer to put some tiger seal on it, like already said trial and error. Start at the top and work your way down.

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That does look like a crack in the sealant, it doesn't need a very big gap for water to get in through
as for the rear it could be anything, tailgate seal, lights, wiring grommets, air vents etc etc
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