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VVT Actuator Solenoid
Hi, The car is an Astra J VXR. It recently started running terribly, in 'limp home' mode. Threw up a the engine management light, I plugged in the diagnostic and it returned a code of 'P0010' - Camshaft position actuator circuit open.
I took the car to a local garage to confirm the issue - They diagnosed the VVT actuator solenoid but are hesitant to replace it due to the fact they are unsure if a replacement would be as easy as a straight forward replacement. They have recommended taking it to a main dealer for replacement as its a timing related issue. This will be big bucks and I have no confidence in the Vauxhall dealerships due to poor previous experience.
My question is - Is this just a straight forward replace job? Is there any requirement for the solenoid to be 'Programmed' to the car or is it a simple in out job that could be done at home?
Any advice appreciated at this point as I need the car back on the road - Many thanks in advance.

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