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Hey guys need some real help.

I have a 1.7 diesel Astra 62 plate.

I have undone the undertray part where it allows u to merely pull down a flap to get to the engine oil sump. I am now trying to fix the screw back in but they just keep falling back out.

So even when there in the slightest tap makes them Unscrew which not safe for road. Has anyone had this problem. I'll attach pics of the screws.

PLEASE HELP AS WORRY I'M GNA BE HERE ALL NIGHT.[Image: fc2832a1527de21901074cf350de10c1.jpg][Image: d8a58469dafb6f29dfe872c779aef530.jpg]

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If you look up to the bit they screw into is there a cage nut there as it may have fell out as that's what they screw into.

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Hey lain. No there is nothing on the other side, which makes e think something is missing. As the do lock into place but the slightest tap the slip back out
In the end I had to cable tie it up using the holes provided

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Hi mate have had a wee look on eBay for you and came across these, as you can see they come with nuts that slide over the hole, these will allow you to re-secure the flap back up correctly.

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Hey lain

Thanks for this bud. Looking at that picture. When I was feeling the underside I. Do think a spring type clasp was there. Ad now I do remember screwing it in just into the hole without the undershield on and the bolt stayed in but when I tried to do it with the shield they keep coming out and u was pushing up with all my might to ensure the fastened correctly and still nothing. It's one of those things u wud of need to give it ago yourself. Now things inking about it I should of done a video and recorded.

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No problem, You might just find they are now worn and may need replaced and the extra weight of the shield on it is causing it to drop.

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Yeah most likely. I'll defiantly watch those and replace.accordingly. but thanks again for helping out only had you respond sonic u never did I would of been stuck with some of my other queries

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No problem mate, thats what we are here for to help each other out.

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