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TPMS came on unexpectedly.
TPMS light came on today whilst zooming down the motorway.
Blank reading on the rear offside tyre. Nothing wrong with it at all. 
Turned off motorway & checked it out. Fiddled with tyre cap still on, drove a further 300 yds pulled in & switched engine off & back on. 2 mins later the TPMS light went out, thank god.

Anybody know why this would happen & how i could reset it, should it come on again.
If all the rest are working ok, I would put it down to a faulty sensor on the wheel that has the dashes displayed on the TPMS, if there isn't a setting on the IPC to relearn TPMS (speedometer menu) then there won't be a option to reset as the sensors will be auto learn, and the TPMS tools you see on eBay (50448) don't work either as there for cars with the manual relearn, the only people that could check the sensor is your dealer probably as they have a special tool they put up against the tyre which gives them details of the sensor and it's battery life etc.( Not the same as the 50448 tool)

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If you have the display that shows the car with 4 wheels and the tyre pressures then whilst on that screen press the button on the end of the stalk that has the menu button on it. After pressing the end button for a few seconds a message will pop up asking if you want to relearn, or words to that effect. You would then select yes with the scroll on the same stalk and press the end button and the horn will beep twice. This is when you would take your reset tool around each tyre (starting at front passenger and making your way around the car clockwise) the horn will beep after each tyre sensor has been reset with the tool. The horn will beep again to say the procedure has been completed.
That may not be the case if the menu for the TPMS reset isn't there then they will be auto learn as I know they changed them from the other type you are mentioning due to people screwing the TPMS up as other things could interfere during the relearn process but can't remember what year they changed them as I have the auto learn ones in mine and can't be reset with the tool as there is not menu to reset them. Would check if the reset setting is there before buying a tool as it won't be any use if it is auto learn.

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I have a late 2014 GTC with tpms and have the menu which shows the car with the tyre pressure. The procedure is exactly the same as shown in the video below except for the display is different as it's an Astra K. 

Yeah I have the same menu with mine but when you press the button for it to do the reset it does nothing.

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How long are you holding the button for, I have to press mine for about 5 or 6 seconds. Try pressing it until something happens, if anything.
Nah mines definately auto learn as a ended up buying the tool and turns out it was auto learn so it was useless lol would prefer to have it the way yours is as the tool wakes the sensors up but I know there is different types of sensors on the vauxhall range how many different variants I'm not sure.

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My 2015 VXR had issues with the OSR wheel sensor from the day I bought the car brand new.

I run 37 in the front and 35 in the rears, but they decided to put 41 front and 39 rear to get rid of the message - which worked.

The actual fix was to replace the wheel sensor, it has been fine ever since, and I now run 37 + 35 psi

I also bought the ebay tool and reprogrammed them myself.
I believe the tyre sensors have a battery that eventually dies and the batteries can't be replaced, so the need to buy new sensors sometimes.
Yeah they do have batteries, think the average lifespan is about 5-7 years for them but as you will be aware batteries can go anytime to be honest, it would be the battery I would put it down to, to be honest. I'm sure the dealer can check the battery life but by the time you pay a diagnostic fee it would probably work out just as cheep to replace the sensor.

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Auto learn changed to manual learn in 2014.

The battery life should be around 10yrs.

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