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Stutter / misfire
Hi all 

So ive got the 1.6t GTC and get a small misfire when accelerating sometimes. Have already replaced the spark plugs and put in a new coil pack (old one showed the usual signs of wear) 

It doesn’t happen all the time, mainly if accelerating in 5th 6th gear on motorways. 

Its been into various garages but none can figure it out. Its under warranty intil June so ideally would like to get it figured out by then. 

I dont get any error messages or warning lights, its also pretty inconsistent.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Common faults are coil packs, but see you've changed that already.
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Code says misfire? Check spark plug boots for carbon track

I am having similar problems, I too have changed sparks and coil pack but the problem persists inconsistently.

I had a diagnosis done by Halfords but they say ill need to send it to vauxhall as they can't figure it out

Any Suggestions??
What sort of fuel are you running it on? I notice my 1.6t runs 'OK' on normal unleaded but can feel a bit more hesitant and even stuttery especially when pulling from low revs. Running it on 99 octane (shell or tesco) and it seems happier.

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