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Strange noise from passenger side when driving slowly/stationary and just taking off
I have a 2012 registered Opel Astra. 57k kilometers. It has received an interim service every calendar year. When i am stationery and just beginning to take off or when i am driving very slowly(really slowly) i get a strange noise coming from the passenger side(either towards front wheel or towards back wheel). It like a squeaking noise.

Noise doesnt seem to be present when going faster.

ADDITIONALLY as mentioned the car has only get an interim service every year since purchased (6 interim services) which is really only the oil change and filter change.At 57k kilometers is there anything else i should be worrying about?
Can anyone help me out regarding the above or do i need to supply further information? I believe the noise is coming from somewhere near either the front passenger wheel or the back passenger wheel.
It's not a sound I've heard on either of my 2 astras
it could be the brake pads squeaking

does it only make the noise first thing in the morning or at any time?

as for the servicing - there are different services depending on the age/mileage - I believe the plugs and air filter are changed at 8 years (on a 1.6 petrol)
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Could be a sticky caliper very common on the rear.

As to servicing your timing belt and water pump with pulleys should of been changed at 6yrs or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. As You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. said plugs be 4yrs (but to me that is far too long).

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