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Squeaking, whirring and grinding
I've had my J since mid-August. Haven't really had any issues until now. It's a 1.3 CDTI. I noticed a squeaking that was getting louder. I looked under the bonnet and it was one of the belts (not sure which) but it didn't quieten/get louder with acceleration. The squeaking has now died down and now I mainly hear a whirring from inside the car, as if the belt is struggling to go round. Just earlier on a short journey I heard three times, what I can only describe as a grinding sound, the same sound you get when you don't quite get the car into gear. It's random (possibly when I turn though) and doesn't happen when I change gear.

I'm a bit stuck, I need to take it to my mechanic but he's away for a week so I'm not sure what to do.

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It's hard to diagnose it without listening to/seeing the car, but mine has had a squaking noice (at 20k km), wich was the water pump that started going. Replaced it and been good ever since (at 50k km atm).
The magnetic switch of the pulley on the AC compressor was busted in my 1.4 petrol engine, making a metallic scraping noise. For some time I was sure it was one of the other pulleys because I couldn't find the noise after the engine had run for a while. I have an automatic AC unit and naturally it didn't run all the time so it made diagnosing the problem harder for an amateur of my skill.

I'd check the pulley with help from someone to turn the AC on and off to see if it's slipping on the belt.

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