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Sports Tourer DAB+ on Android Headunit
11 plate Tourer with CD400 factory option - now running an Android W072 headunit.

I have the factory DAB cables in the drivers footwell, so assume I have the lead that runs to glass aerial built in (drivers side in Tourer).
I know there is an amplifier that fits to this with FAKRA cable connector.

Wanting to know:
If the wiring runs from the footwell to the rear and location of plug in loom (above window, below trim etc).
If it is, can I use this cable (with an adapter loom up front, from a USB powered Android DAB+ unit) to run a factory amplifier (does it power it). Alternatively - what options do I have to replace the roof mounted (standard FM - not shark fin) aerial and how would I connect/power that?

Cheers in advance for any suggestions or info.
In most cases the aerial will stop behind the kick panel by the bonnet release.

Going by the fact you say you have FM roof mounted I would be surprised if they fitted the glass with the mounting point for DAB & FM.

In terms of sharkfin yes you could fit one this is what I would recommend it's not worth buying cheap.
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You can run power to it from 2-ways of the rear of the 12-v socket or off pin43 off the radio.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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my tourer came with navi600, so had the sharkfin on the roof and the FM aerials in both side windows it was also configured for Dab -
my osr side glass had the connector fitted on the glass (some have the tracks on the glass but not the connector)

so all I had to do was fit the module in the rear (between the glass and the front to rear cable) and the module in the front (and get it coded up) to make it all work

but if yours doesn't have the connector on the glass you'll have to use an aftermarket sharkfin as Rusty suggests
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera

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