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SVS - Battery advice
Very strange one this morning. Cranked it over and it appeared sluggish, eventually started. Immediately went into SVS mode. Limping along.

Mate said to try charging the battery then disconnect and reconnect and see if that works. Amazingly did this limping along with revs not going over 3k. Big mistake to take it along the A1 but there you go.

Disconnected the battery when I got back, left it for 45 mins. Car started normal with SVS & limp mode cleared.

So now Im after a new battery (fingers crossed this was the issue) conflicting info as to which battery I actually need.

The one in is a OEM GM AGM which Im guessing will be expensive so an aftermarket will do. Any ideas which one I should get.

Vauxhall Astra j 2.0 CDTI elite model 2014 with S/S. My S/S hasnt worked for well over 18 months so not sure if its needed or not battery wise.

Any advice?
Hi there,

Usually the s/s stop to work when the battery capacity is under 75% i think.
I changed mine with a VARTA Dynamic Blue AGM 80ah 800a I have it since December 2018 and it's still OK.
There are so many condition's for S/S to work.

I though my battery was at fault so bought a new s/s battery for £130ish trade and still had issues found it was my dashcam draining the battery.
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Astra-J 2.0 CDTI S/S
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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