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Reversing lights
Just been told by the wife that she has been pulled up by a few people today that her reverse lights are constantly on while driving.

I went out to check just now after coming home from work and they are not on but noticed warnings on the display by clocks to check left lamp and then a second warning to check right lamp. But no reverse lights on.

Any ideas ?

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Only one reverse light on the Astra-J. The one the other side is the fog light.

As to the rear lights. 4 bulbs in total.
IIRC, there are 2 in the light clusters on the car (one each side), and another 2 in the light clusters on the tailgate (again, one each side). Check all 4 are working.
Hi Dave

Thanks for the help.

What I was getting at was the reverse light is stuck on while driving.

But when I checked it last night on driveway with lights turned on I didn’t see it on but had two separate warning messages for each headlamp bulb to check.

Would this be a serious issue or a possible connection issue?


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Ah, as you were referring to the reversing light, I presumed the other lights mentioned were also rear ones.

Most common fault is the DRL bulbs, which have dual filaments. Sometimes get overlooked when checking for faults. A failed one can also incorrectly display the headlight bulb failure message.

Basically the DRLs should be bright with the lights off, but engine running, but dim down when sidelights or headlights are switched on. What some people assume is that they are fully working when they see the DRLs on without the head or sidelights being on.

As for the reverse light, it could be a sticky reverse light switch on the gearbox.
Thanks Dave.

I did think of the switch and glad you said the same.

Where is the switch. Is it under the gaitor.

I’ll swap all drl for new bulbs


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