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Rear light out but works again with headlights
Hi, I have a astra gtc biturbo with standard rear lights. With the drls on the left side rear had the bulb working but the offside rear is off. If I switch the headlights on then both bulbs work as they should. Anything causing the rear not to work? On the front I have led drls and installed a hid kit for the headlights all of which work well..
On the 5-door when DRL's are on it's only DRL's that are on no rear lights on at all, I would of thought it should be the same for the GTC.
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My DRL's are the only lights on when driving daylight conditions, my rear lights turn on when the auto lights settings kick in or alternatively if I manually turn on the lights, can't imagine any difference in the wiring set up, mine's on a 14 plate with LED rear lights.
Well from your replies sounds like 1 bulb is getting power sent to it, v strange. I wonder if the front set up has anything to do with it then.... Maybe due to the drls on the front being led and using less power...
As said above, usually only the front drls come on, no rear lights
the normal drl bulbs are twin filament (one for drl, one for sidelight)
if you have a faulty bulb fitted, it's possible that it is backfeeding power into the sidelight circuit - which will make the rear bulb light up.
(its a bit like when a bad earth makes all the rear lights flash with the indicators)

If it was mine I'd try the original drl bulbs as a help to diagnosis
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
Thanks for the help guys, I don't know what made me think the rear lights were on all the time. I will try the original bulbs back in the drl and see what happens  in these dark mornings all the bulbs are working correctly so I will have to change them next weekend now. Cheers guys  
normally issues like that are caused by the wrong bulb or the bulb incorrectly fitted

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