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This is my GTC 1.4 turbo, I picked it up yesterday and got my mudflaps fitted this afternoon, happy with how they look, also got mushroom filter ordered to pick up on Monday here’s a couple of pics [Image: ffcb1a6d76e4df694d60ba954f71f34f.jpg][Image: 7a2d3e546d1b626f97e39dd7f62376be.jpg][Image: ec0e438787d99bf16461991045b3d62a.jpg]

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Nice car, good choice. I have one that's identical however i refitted my OEM airbox as I got bored of the whoosh noise haha. I'll put my induction kit back on once it goes in for a remap

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ahhhh fair enough lol, it’s the whoosh noise I’m after lol, however I think il need to buy the induction pipe as the MAF sensor is connected to the box so might not be fitted straight away

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Anyone any experience with cone filters etc?? It’s regarding the MAF sensor situation ?

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I had an induction kit from Enhance Performance, and it came with a manufactured stainless steel MAF housing all you do is swap the sensor over, two screws, absolute piece of cake.
How much was that ??

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