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Over revving when accelerating
Got a problem and hoping someone can help.
I've recently bought a GTC 2.0 CDTI SRI. ( 2012, 51000 miles ) had it around 4 weeks and have an issue already.
The only way to describe the fault is its as if I press the clutch pedal while accelerating. usually around 60-70 and in 5th are sixth gear although its done it once in fourth. it starts accelerating ok then loses power and starts over revving just like I have pressed the clutch in. I let of the accelerator or drop down a gear try to accelerate again but the it still does it. then other times its fine. have also noticed a burning smell when this happens?
Does anyone have any ideas or info on this??
Could be the clutch.
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Definitely sounds like the clutch. Had this in my old car and it was time to get it changed (or in my case scrap)

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