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Opel Astra J interior fan problem

I have got some problem with my interior fan and with winter coming it is crucial this little thing work properly.
I will now try to explain this problem:

9/10 times the fan work as it should on step 1-6.
After going on max (step 6) for some time and I want to slow it down it start to lagg, going very uneven and sound bad, even stops working, on every stage down to zero.
If I choose full speed again it get a kick in the butt and work like a star on stage 6. 

I put it on the floor of the car to see how it looked and took my phone and record: 

Little tick-tick sound. Yesterday when I had it mounted the fan stopped so kicked it and it begin to work. 
It didnt show any signs of begin in bad shape, axel felt good in any direction and no resistance in bearings.

/Hejhopp from Sweden

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