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Occasional problem turning on
I have this problem, very rarely, where when I turn on the car, the engine doesnt seem to bite correctly.

It tries to go but then just seems to tick over a few times it eventually does start but sounds likes its not going to for a few seconds.

Like i say its very rare it happens, and all i can narrow it down to it not turning the key enough, Im not expecing many replies as i know its an awful description but thought I'd just put it out there.

Astra is a 1.6 petrol energy
Well on the J's all you have to do is turn the key then let go and it will start by it's self as long the clutch is in.

The only other I could think would be spark plugs dirty air filter etc.
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I learnt the hard way about the clutch after a few weeks owning it when it wouldnt turn on while standing outside the car, crapped myself till i got in and saw the clutch icon lol.

Shoudn't be any thing with dirty plugs or filter, its only done under 8k and only had 9 on the clock when i picked it up.

going to be doing a service shorlty so will se how it goes, only thing i can put it down to tho is not turning the key quite enough.
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