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Newbie intro
Rotfl Hi Hyper
Hi everyone, I don’t think my full introduction message was posted yesterday, I bought a 2014 astra gtc auto last week and I’m really enjoying it, it’s not the type of car that I would normally go for but thought it was time for a change (possibly mid-life crisis) so look forward to getting invaluable info from you all,cheers
Welcome to VXOC.
[Image: Rusty-2_zpsuzrvgsp6.GIF]
Astra-J 2.0 CDTI S/S
Retrofitted AFL, TPMS, Navi950, BT, DAB, Rear Camera, Infinity sound system, Towbar, Flexfloor & more.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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Welcome mate.
make the most of the info, cos after while no one replies .
hello and welcome,
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
Thanks to all for the welcome messages, noticed a couple of days ago the yellow engine management light was on and thought the worst however took the car to my mates garage and he done a diagnostic check and it showed up no faults with the car at all so he cleared fault , light was gone however a couple of hours later it was back on, I have noticed that a message has came on saying check rear number plate bulb, do you think that could be the issue guy’s.cheers
What diagnostic scanner did your mate use?

Bulb failure isn't part of the engine fault circuit, so highly unlikely the failed number plate bulb put it on.
Hi thanks for the reply Dave, I don’t have a clue which scanner he used m8, but I do know that his garage has a contract to service the local councils astra fleet.

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