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New member
Evening all...
Obviously owning an Astra has brought me here ?
Purchased a 2012 GTC 2.0 CDTi S/S back in May & I love it!
Got a few ideas for it so come here for some insights
First question; Are the rear quarter windows bonded or held in place with nuts?
Anyone remapped their car? Company locally called DK tuning saying they can give 200bhp plus improved mpg. Anyone else had an experience with a remap?

Future mods include;
VXR/LTD edition front bumper
Respray in metallic red (currently gloss red)

All suggestions greatly appreciated
Hello and welcome to the forum
I'm sure there will be someone along soon with some help for you
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
Welcome to VXOC.

I had mine remapped and while the map made a nice improvement the mapper didn't do it properly was constantly going into limp mode & I'm currently going through the small claims court to get my money back. So my advise is find a very reputable company & make sure it's done on a rolling road and comes with warranty.

All the water windows are bonded in.

Would like to see the car once resprayed, I'm saving money for a full respray too into a nice blue.
[Image: Rusty-2_zpsuzrvgsp6.GIF]
Astra-J 2.0 CDTI S/S
Retrofitted AFL, TPMS, Navi950, BT, DAB, Rear Camera, Infinity sound system, Towbar, Flexfloor & more.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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