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I'm attempting to retrofit a Navi950 to a 63 plate Astra-J diesel.

I'm aware the NAVI600/900 the VIN was simply stored in EEPROM, obviously VCI isn't an option given its from the incorrect MY.

Does anyone know where the VIN is stored on these units for reprogramming for a retrofit, is it in a 24C16 or something?

I had a Navi 950 from a 17 plate GTC retrofitted into my 14  plate GTC by Rusty on this site, still needed the VCI code & wiring looms to make it compatible to work in my car, I know that the Navi950 have been retrofitted to 62 plate models upwards, however there are members on this group with the knowledge & expertise who can help you out on this matter.
you will need the VCI, I retro-fitted the Navi950 with intellilink into my vxr

Rusty is the guy you need
I fitted 950 into my 2010 astra it's all possible. Rusty is the guy as I don't have a MDI at the moment for programming.all I can say is there's been a lot of time money and effort put in getting it all to work.
NAVI950 , DAB+ , Rear Park assist & Rear Camera retrofit Smile

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