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Meriva B 1.7 A17DTS (130) Weird Starting thing
Hi All,

Car is the Meriva B 1.7CDTI the 130bhp model, been faultless pretty much, had a new battery a few months ago, Anyway its been coming up with the service vehicle soon message every now and again, but i gather that is for fault codes to be read? it doesn't show up all the time... 

Anyway this morning i was out taking pictures somewhere, had driven there engine had been up to temperature and that before i arrived. Put the key in the Ignition had the radio on for 5 mins went to start and it started then died.... did this about 6 times, started straightaway every time, took the key out put it back in and it started and was fine... been fine since, Just wondering if its a warning of something? I looked about and some mention of the EGR valve stuck open maybe? 

Grateful for any help. 

Best wishes

Doesn't matter if SVS doesn't show all the time. A fault code will remain in memory for a period of time.

In short, get the fault code(s) read out as guesswork was never a reliable method of fault diagnosis.
I'll get that done then, See what happens from there Wink
usually if the car fires up and then dies it's an immobiliser fault,
normally either the key or the receiver (around the ignition lock)
retrofitted = DAB+, GM dog guard, GM reversing camera
I got it Plugged in today, The Error code was the Oil Pressure Sensor/switch, so they reset the error and it seems all fine, but warned it could be on the way out... thankfully not too catastrophic lol

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