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Lug Nut Sizes
Hi all. 

So my car currently has lug nuts that are 19mm hex size and I've ordered some locking wheel nuts that are 17mm hex. The thread and bolt sizes are a match but the hex is different. Other than being an annoyance for my tyre fitters will this cause any other problem, or do I need to buy 19mm ones instead?
Pretty sure it's only the hex size that's different. I had 19mm locking bolts, but the other bolts were 17mm on my old Vectra-C. I just made sure I carried around a star wheel brace in the boot.
Hi I’ve had prob with locking wheel nuts on my gtc had new tires fitted they used air gun do wheel nuts up had puncher tried undo locking wheel nut no way going move tryed all sorts took it to Kwik fit ended up chewing teeth on it they had not got tool to remove had guy come out get off I’ve order new set nuts wheel locks in blue anyway they m12 1.5 but 33mm thred long will they be still ok just if any one done the same

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