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Loss of power
Hi all,

Last night i was driving my GTC 1.4t down the dual carriageway after cruising for about 30miles, came up to a roundabout and went to accelerate up to speed... Next to no response from engine, car flashed up saying "Service Vehicle Soon" and takes forever to get up to any speed above 20mph. Dangerous for joining Dual Carriageway on my journey to work so i have had to change my route to compensate. 

Car can get up to speed (had it up to 70mph last night), but just takes an age to get there.

I got home, cleaned the air filter, the MAF, checked the oil (was low) and have topped up but car is still under performing.

I have done some Googling to little avail. 

I have ordered some oil, an oil filter and an OBD scanner to 'service' and check everything on the weekend but i was just wondering if any has experienced/heard of this before and had any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Joe  Smile
I think you may find that's an error message telling you to get it looked at. Not a service as the words suggest. It's a bit badly put. Your car has gone into limp mode and I would suggest a diagnostic session is required . probably just a sensor but needs looking at.
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As John has said it's telling you there is a problem with the car and it needs plugging in to find out what is up with it.

Alot of the cheap scanners won't pull all the codes they really aren't worth it as it then leads to people thinking they have no faults logged.

MDI & GDS2 is the best to use but your talking lots of money, best thing for most is to use OP-COM, but don't buy cheap off ebay get it from here.

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Hi there,

Perhaps the glow plugs/spark plugs.
SVS is mostly present due to the glow plugs / spark plugs but also can come if you have issues with EGR .
Having SVS and LIMP mode on , this can result also in a bigger problem , better to have a diagnose with professional tool in order to find out what's happening.

I have SVS present due to WaterPump and 1 Glow plug , but i don't have LIMP mode on.
LIMP mode is preventing any possible damage to the engie due to a malfunction to some agregates. So perhaps the LIMP mode is on because your issue can go to severe realy fast.

Best Regards,

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