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Leaking water on driveway
Hi all, this is my first post on here so hope it’s in right place. Just after a bit of advice, I think it’s condensation from A/C (although I haven’t had it on).

I’ve noticed a few spots of clear liquid and think it’s water (see photo - ignore the oil, it’s from my old car). It is sitting on top of the oil, it’s odourless too. Is it likely to be condensation from the A/C evaporator?

Thanks. [Image: 4ca1dfb5fda58aacf81d8624b0381d9b.jpg]

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The AC can come on without your knowledge, or any indication lights.

Such as when you use the fast screen clear demist button. The one that puts the fan on full speed and directs all the air to the windscreen.
Well, if you check your coolant level and it's allright and doesn't change, then you will be allright.
Other fluids in the car are oil(like).

Could also be some water (rain, condesation) that builds up somewhere beneath your car and drips out when you are in the garage.
Maybe your garage floor isn't level or you have to drive down a ramp into your garage which displaces the little pool of water and it starts dripping out when you park it.

That's all I could think off. But most likely it's the AC.
I didn't know that the AC could come on without you knowing though. Don't think I ever had that happening. When you use the demist button it does turn on the AC, but it also shows the light AC on. Maybe in some other cases but I don't know any.
when I worked the service desk and customers came in with this type of complaint, my colleage and I would stick a finger in the liquid, rub it between finger and thumb to assess the viscosity, sniff it to check it wasn't oil or any thing nasty and then lick the liquid off our finger.
this last bit usually got a good result from the customer!! (we would only do the last bit if we were SURE it was A/C water)
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If it's coolant it should taste slightly sweet. There is no harm in getting a quick lick off your finger , just don't drink a cup of it Big grin
Thanks guys, I am pretty certain it is AC condensation/rain water. I haven’t noticed any more since I originally posted. The driveway is on a slope so would cause any water to run of from where it would be sitting. Don’t think I’ll be tasting any of it soon!

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(17:th-Apr-2018, 09:02:34)rlievens Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.When you use the demist button it does turn on the AC, but it also shows the light AC on. Maybe in some other cases but I don't know any.

My AC light doesn't come on when I press the demist button.

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