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LED Headlights cutting out
Hi guys,

Finally got the LED headlights in yesterday.

Seemed to work fine with no errors but this morning on the way to work the dash said "check right dipped beam lamp" then the same with the left.

Not really an issue until the right one went out. Then the left one. Turned the lights off a minute then back on and they worked for a minute then the right one seems to keep going out.

Any ideas on what to check? I'll add a few pics

Could they be overheating or anything to download other the stop-start?

I find it strange that there's a fan at the back of them then your putting a cap straight over the fan? [Image: 80ccad3716384dfc9ccd118169ba56b8.jpg][Image: 5718c08829e531a07343a4c624d6afef.jpg][Image: 5e66845edb01c64a33e8fe829df20a19.jpg][Image: de11810333d281fe4812fbb09c8dbbb9.jpg]

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Have same problem with those exact lights, they are not drawing enough power and the car thinks bulb has blown so turns off the power to the light, I have ordered a set of load resistors to see if that helps .funny thing is the 12 quid set of Chinese leds I took out have worked fine for months but just weren't bright enough
I’m getting the Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 LED bulbs and hope they don’t do this. Load resistors might do the trick. Wouldn’t place a cap behind a bulb that comes with a cooling fan stuck to it.

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Update: fitted the LEDs and they aren’t even half as bright as my OEM ones. Taking them off tomorrow. Could be something to do with my headlamp housing but so far, I haven’t come across any lighting that beats HIDs when it comes to proper illumination.

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