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Is chrome old fashioned
I love to see abit of chrome on a car especially interior. Am i the only one. Heres a few pics Ive found online.

.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1463838019809.jpg (Size: 14.24 KB / Downloads: 78)        
.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1463837914155.jpg (Size: 7.57 KB / Downloads: 78)

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Chrome can seem a bit blingy if there's too much of it, personally I would prefer a shadow chrome, or matt finish.
Too much chrome can ruin it but I do like my chrome.

The one thing that makes no sense to me and really ruins a black car is people who colour code the chrome on the outside.
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i think for example the astra elite could do with abit of interior chrome, its quite dark in there
The darker the better for me, if it came with black headliner and pillars I would have it. Can't remember what car it was I sat in before we got the astra but it had a black headliner and we loved it. It was only a small GT, either a 208 or something similar.
Chrome is good if used tastefully... My car didn't come with chrome window trim but I added it. I also got the chrome fog surround too (official) and a few other bits and bats but mainly official stuff mine didn't come with... I think it depends on the colour of the car as to whether it's needed or even tacky. My car looked dull without it.

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Its one of those thing you either love or hate it.

I the GTC doesn't suit it but I think the 5 door does. I do think it is car dependant.

I agree with stigeye you should get a shadow or matt finish to make suit everyone's taste.

My wife has a black Kia Sorento and I think it needs the chrome to give it that something or it would just look like every other big black 4x4.

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