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Intermittent low loss of engine power
Hi all hope you’ve all had a great Christmas.

I’m experiencing a strange fault/ feeling with my 1.7 Cdti Astra.
At times it feels like the engine is a bit flat and other times it’s normal, I have also noticed a very slight hesitation under normal acceleration. It sometimes feels like a non turbo engine. No apparent leaks on the pipework and no engine management light on. Has anyone had any experience of similar issues, I’m thinking either the turbo’s on its way out or the boost pressure sensor or mass airflow sensor playing up.

Thanks in advance.


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Possible Egr valve?
I had thought about that, it has once or twice done a strange thing when it was cold, I was in first gear driving down our farm road (bumpy as hell) and changed up to second and it was like I had no throttle at all so changed down to first and still no real throttle response but it cleared slowly. I have cleaned out the egr valve previously about a year ago so I know they get clogged up from time to time the car does get regular longer runs. Will have a look at it when I return home from working away.

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