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Intermittent alarms and auto-locking
Hellpo any advice welcome
Monday night car suddenly started alarming(audio only no light) ,  I opened shut door started engine etc, and all cleared fora hour or so, then it alamed about 7 or 8 times going off every 10-20 mins,.
Called AA they looked plugged in compuer as saws some alrms , but couldnt be sure of cause although did suspect power sounde battery.

Left car unlocked for next 24 hours, no alarms , then overnight had an alarm about 4am, when I went to go to work, the doors has auto-locked !.
Drove to work left it opem , then returmed after 4 hours, no alarms as far as I know, but doors had locked again

Later that day sam again, opened doors and all hell broke loose alarm went of virtually all the time for about 10-15 mins even with engine running

Eventually stopped left it unlocked again, this time it didnt lock or alrm

Not sure of best action, alarms obvioulsy annoying neighbours

AA report below

patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Central electronics 1 - 68S / Central electronics CE 4.5 Status :B260B - Relay daytime driving light to left. Error Message : Malfunction. Open circuit. Status :B260C - Relay daytime driving light to right. Error Message : Malfunction. Open circuit. Status :B3109 - Battery/remote control 1. Error Message : Malfunction. Malfunction. Status :B3110 - Battery/remote control 2. Error Message : Malfunction. Malfunction. Status :B317A - Passenger side window lifter switch. Error Message : Malfunction. Short to ground. Status :B3881 - Right taillight. Error Message : Malfunction. Open circuit. Status :U0151 - Communication with airbag control unit. Error Message : No communication. Malfunction. Status :U0155 - Communication with instrument cluster. Error Message : No communication. Malfunction.alarm battery backup sounder fault triggering random alarm activations isolate vehicle and check for triggers diagnostic trouble codes stored Vehicle to be secured in garage isolate alarm and refer to garage , investigate alarm battery sounder low power fault
Looking at all that could be alarm fault or bcm fault as I think alarm runs back to that. They have a habit of frying themselves . I think You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. has done a few now. He offers a service in his website.
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There is a fair few errors there.

Have you tried as of yet a total shut down? Remove the negative off the battery for 60+ mins this will allow all systems to fully shut.

But I would also be looking at all ground points and cleaning them up.
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I can do programming and retrofits using genuine GM MDI and Dealer software.
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